With a background in SEO, we not only offer web development expertise but also an understanding of how to optimise your website to generate as much SEO benefit as possible to drive rankings and traffic.


Web Development
Not only do sites need to look good, but they need to function properly too. If a site isn't easy to navigate, takes too long to load or isn't responsive across different devices then your potential customers are going to be turned away.

As a digital marketing agency, our approach to web development prioritises best SEO practice. The website build is the foundation for a strong online presence, so having strong internal links, a well optimised mobile site and fast page loading speeds is paramount.

We believe in a collaborative approach so keep an open line of communication with our clients to ensure that your vision is brought to life. We keep your brand values and aesthetics at the forefront of our development process to transfer your business on screen.

Unlike other agencies, our work doesn’t end when the site is published. We offer ongoing support to our clients because we understand that websites are a work in progress. This is detailed further in the web maintenance section.

Website Maintenance
There is always going to be a need for websites to be updated regularly, whether that be creating new pages, adding new photos to the gallery or changing the opening hours. Jobs like these can be time consuming for business owners, so we have a support system available for our clients to send these jobs through to us.

As part of our SEO campaigns, our clients also have an allotment of web maintenance hours each month so that we can carry out any development tasks at no additional cost. We have found this to be one of our biggest points of difference to other agencies, as development companies often charge premium prices for even the most minor technical changes.

If you require website maintenance be carried out on your website, get in touch via our Contact Form or email us on support@seopremier.com.

Quality web development comes from vast experience. Our web developers are skilled in their work and in creating impressive online experiences. Rest assured that your website is in qualified hands, who are well aware of how to fix even the minor problems.

At SEO Premier, we know that each client is unique depending on their industry or niche. That is why we don’t believe in a cookie cutter template approach, because web development demands tailored solutions. With our help, brands across the globe have been able to take their websites and their digital marketing to the next level.

From large to small businesses, we have successfully delivered flawless websites. Through collaboration, we ensure to provide our clients with websites that align with their brand values because this is a necessary factor for customers. Not only do we focus on creating an aesthetic website, but we also focus on thorough front-end and back-end web development to make sure your website is absolutely seamless.

Building a high converting website is essential to your business and you need a web developer that is reliable, experienced and also up to date with the latest news for web developers. What may have been best strategy before, might be ineffective now and could actually have a negative effect on your website. Rest assured that your website will be the highest performing out of your competitors.

Our professional web developers use their expertise to create websites that are quality and high performing. By taking a holistic approach to web development, we take the time to know your business needs and goals before recognising a strategy customised to you. We work closely with our clients and make sure they are led in the right direction and are backed with accumulated knowledge from our own experiences.

We a build a site that sets you miles ahead of your competitors. In order to do this, we complete an audit on your website and your competitors’ websites to identify what we can do in helping your website perform better. With a background in SEO, our team understands not only what it takes to have a great website, but also how it can rank high on search engines and not to mention, outrank your competition.

We ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our web development solutions. This is crucial to our client relationships. Know that our team will be here every step of the way.

After a while, some websites can become outdated and are in need of a switch. That’s perfectly fine, because we stick by our clients long after the web development project is over. We offer ongoing maintenance and support for your website so that things don’t go wrong, but when they do, we’ll fix it right up for you.

Expect professional advice when working with our web developers.

With our experience, the SEO Premier team can cover any job no matter the size. Let us help you achieve your business goals through professional web development to create your perfect website.


We develop sites that are easy to navigate not only for your clients but for Google's bots as well.


With a background in SEO, we understand what needs to be implemented at each stage of the web development process.


Take the frustration out of updating your website, by letting us take care of it for you.


Ask the Experts

How much does a website cost?

This is something that varies wildly depending on what is needed. Is it an ecommerce website or simply an information based site? What sort of external tools or programs need to be integrated into the website?

The best way to find this out is to provide us with a brief of your web development needs and we can provide you with a tailored quote.

How long does it take to build a website?

This does largely depend on the type of website being built. As a ballpark estimate, a simple information based site typically takes about 3-4 weeks to complete, while a more complex website with ecommerce capabilities may take up to 6-8 weeks to complete.

What is involved in website maintenance?

This usually involves routinely checking the site’s CMS and updating plugins or other tools so that the website continues to run smoothly. It also should include taking regular backups of the site, so that if a problem occurs the site can simply be reverted back to an earlier version.

Can you help with smaller web development jobs?

Absolutely! We can assist with any website related task or issue, no matter how big or small. Contact us today and let us know what sort of website work you need, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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