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Paid Search (or Search Engine Marketing) can be a great tool to compliment your seo. With the right strategy, it can even make your existing seo campaigns more effective.

Search Ads

Search Ads let your website rank on page 1 of the search results, when a customer searches for the product or service that you offer. Our PPC experts will work with you to set a budget, and optimise results to generate a cost-effective ROI.

Google Shopping Ads

Who hasn’t seen the product carousel on Google when you search for any item? Showing up in the Google Shopping section will deliver immediate sales, with a notoriously high conversion rate. Our PPC specialists are experts in maximizing the results of Google Shopping ads.

Display & Remarketing Ads

Display ads is the term for any kind of banner ads you see around the internet. Most are also placed through Google. Remarketing ads look the same as display ads, but cleverly target people who have already been to your website through the use of cookies, and shows them what they have been looking at to try and pull them back in.

Video Ads

Video ads are played before or during a YouTube video. They can be highly effective ads and also allow for detailed demographic targeting or remarketing.

‍How our PPC experts work for you

Our PPC experts are highly experienced in delivering PPC / SEM campaigns across all platforms. Our paid search services have been offering strategic solutions to our clients for years – and we know how to get results.

By making use of data and analytics we ensure that we can identify your target market, figure out how to approach them, and when. We tailor our strategy to your business, and take the time to understand your needs.

Our strategists will complete and audit for your business, and work from there on a paid search strategy. Live campaigns will be closely monitored in real time to maximise conversion rates.

And we don’t stop there – we will use insights from your SEM campaigns to improve other areas of your digital marketing.

We offer a wide range of solutions from huge SEM campaigns, ongoing optimisation to minor PPC consulting and guidance. With experience in almost every industry, we can ensure that we can create a PPC campaign that works for your business.

SEO Premier has been a Google Certified Partner since 2014.

Want to see how we can help you run an effective PPC campaign that delivers results?


Drive traffic to your website immediately by bidding for top spots during a an effective PPC campaign.


Let the experts take care of it. Maximise your PPC results by letting us run campaigns in the most effective way possible.


We won’t just run your PPC for you – we will take insights from your PPC campaign and use these to maximise your SEO strategy

E-Commerce SEO Guide

How to get your products ranking organically and learn about E-Commerce SEO to get the most out of Google shopping's latest update. Download our guide for optimising your products so that they rank organically on search engines. Our guide shows you:

  • How to optimise product titles and descriptions
  • How to add schema markup
  • The best wasy to optimise your data feed

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