Mark Bouris

SEO Premier has been working with Mark Bouris on a number of projects spanning several years, including most recently redesigning the Mentored website.

Mark Bouris

What was the brief

In 2015 Mark Bouris required a website for his podcast - The Mark Bouris Show that could seamlessly integrate embedded audio files from multiple audio hosting platforms. In 2018, a new website was needed for his new venture Mentored, which was a great success. In 2022 we redesigned the Mentored site with a focus on better displaying and organising their content library.

What we pitched

Search Optimisation

Both the TMBS and Mentored websites required a comprehensive onsite optimisation strategy, to ensure that all metadata was written with SEO best practice in mind. As well as this, each podcast that was created needed to have titles and meta descriptions written to build as much authority as possible, which was then promoted across iTunes and other platforms.

Mentored by Mark Bouris gives business owners access to a wealth of business resources, events, educational content and the ability to connect with some of Australia's most experienced and specialised Mentors.






Social Followers

SEO Premier has been a part of The Mark Bouris Show since its inception in 2015.

The Mentor has since been ranked the #1 Business Podcast on iTunes and continues to receive tens of thousands of listeners every month.

Projects Completed

SEO Premier developed the all-new Mentored website, and has also supported the creation of social media channels, content strategy, email marketing campaigns and a whole host of strategy for the show.

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