Digital marketing and e-commerce are our bread and butter. We help companies increase their revenue online, whether this is through SEO, PPC, or just simply building better websites. Regardless of the e-commerce platform your website runs on, we can help you either optimise your current website, or build you an entirely new one that will bring you results.

Web Design

It is not unusual that our clients turn to us and say: “please, can you just start from scratch and do it right?” That’s exactly what we can do. Our in-house web designers and UX experts can develop e-commerce websites that run on Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce. Because we are SEO experts, we can ensure that we build in the basics from the very beginning and build you a website that ticks every box. 

User experience design 

Regardless of the e-commerce platform, we ensure that user friendly design is at the heart of a great-looking website: because user friendly websites convert. 

Speed optimisation 

Website speed is now an incredibly important metric to focus on when it comes to raising your website’s rankings. More importantly, slow websites also drive customers away. We’ll ensure that your website’s speed is optimised from the beginning. 

Mobile optimisation 

Search engines prioritise websites that are mobile-friendly. Websites have to be mobile-optimised in a day and age where over half of the average website’s visits are coming from phones. We’ll ensure that your website is phone-friendly and mobile optimised. 

PPC and E-commerce Digital Marketing

So now that you have a mobile friendly, fast, and user-friendly e-commerce websites, how are you going to make sure that your customers know about it? This is where PPC comes in. PPC, or ‘pay per click’. It is a catch-all term for all the paid ways of driving customers to your website in order to drive sales. Think of things like Facebook our Instagram ads, where people can see adverts for your products in the middle of their feeds, prompting them to think about your product, visit your website, or even make a purchase. Or think of Google Shopping: ensuring that your product shows up with an image at the very top of the Google search page as soon as people search for a specific product, winning you an advantage over the competition. 


The good thing about PPC is that it is easy and quick to implement, and campaigns can be as large or as small as you like. If you are interested in running a PPC campaign with our PPC experts, then you can expect the following: 

Strategy: we will make sure we understand your business goals so that we can correctly set out a PPC strategy that aligns with these. 

Ad creation: our in-house writers and designers will create a series of ads that will drive sales for your campaign. 

Targeting: after making sure that we understand your target audience, we’ll use detailed targeting methods to drill down to your perfect customers. We’ll utilise audience methods from demographic targeting, to lookalike audiences and retargeting. 

Optimisation and reporting: in doing a PPC campaign with us you can be sure that we will continually monitor your PPC campaign for optimal performance. We don’t just set the ads to live and walk away – we’ll ensure that optimum ROI is achieved. Of course, this will include regular comprehensive reporting on your campaign’s performance.


How to get your products ranking organically and learn about E-Commerce SEO to get the most out of Google shopping's latest update. Download our guide for optimising your products so that they rank organically on search engines. Our guide shows you:

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