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Paid Social

Our Paid Social Management Services

There has never been a more powerful way to connect directly to your target audience than through social media advertising. Millions of individuals across the globe are connected, and a captive audience awaits. Demographic information is happily shared; and social media advertising allows you to drill your target audience down to minute detail. Organic (unpaid) social media can also work wonders – doing the right things on your socials can be one of the most cost effective marketing tools available.

Meta Ads Management

We will create and manage highly targeted Meta Ads that reach your ideal audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

TikTok Ads Management

We will help you reach your target audience on TikTok with our expert TikTok Ads Management services. We will create and manage engaging ad campaigns that drive results.

Performance Reporting and Optimization

We will help you unleash the power of data to optimise your paid social campaigns. We will provide you with detailed reporting and insights into your campaign performance.

Paid Social Campaign Creation and Management

We will assist you in developing a comprehensive campaign strategy, identifying your ideal audience, creating compelling ad creatives, setting up and executing your ad campaigns.


Unlocking Growth Through Strategic Paid Social Campaigns

In an era dominated by digital interactions, paid social media campaigns have emerged as powerful tools for businesses seeking to connect with their audience. SEO Premier has played a pivotal role in shaping success stories through meticulous planning, strategic execution, and innovative solutions. Below are case studies exemplifying our prowess in leveraging paid social strategies to overcome unique challenges and drive exceptional results for our clients.

Brentford F.C.
Brentford F.C.

Optimise Meta Pixel and Audience List

In our partnership with Brentford, we tackled the challenge of optimising their social media ads on Meta and Instagram for ticketing membership sales. Initially, campaigns boasted high impressions but lacked conversions. Our solution? Implementing the Meta pixel on the ticketing site. Digging deeper, we discovered an audience overlap issue due to a misconfigured pixel, resulting in impressions without conversions. Swiftly rectifying the pixel, we realigned the campaign's focus, maintaining high impressions while finally achieving the coveted conversions.

Retro Football Kits
Retro Football Kits

Creating engaging ad copies for TikTok & Meta

In steering Retro Football Kits through the digital realms of TikTok and Meta, unique challenges emerged. Entrusted with all ad campaigns, we grappled with the task of harmonising our strategies with the ever-evolving audiences on these platforms. Our close collaboration with the content team unveiled a specific challenge: crafting captivating videos that resonated with nostalgia while navigating the dynamic algorithms of TikTok and Meta.

Kims Beachside Resort
Kims Beachside Resort

Data-Driven Marketing

In our collaboration with Kims Beachside Resort, we optimised their Meta platform ad strategy by refining search keywords, integrating audience lists into ad sets, and updating content formats. Initially facing budget inefficiencies due to broad terms, our precision adjustments not only preserved resources but also led to a substantial improvement in traffic acquisition and conversions through paid social channels.

Social Media Influencer Guide

We cover the steps you must take to build your social media empire and also why and how you should hire an influencer for your brand. Download our guide for all things 'social media influencer' related, and discover:

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