Your site ranking has just plummeted, here’s what to do next!

Achieving those high rankings on Google is a pretty long, arduous journey that can be full of twists and turns. That’s partly due to the fact that Google’s algorithms change seemingly overnight and without warning.


So one day you might find your website progressing nicely along your detailed SEO strategy only to find that the next day your site has plummeted. Your first reaction is probably panic, but just take a deep breath because all your hard work has definitely not gone all down the drain. So, what do you do when that happens?


While diagnosing the issue can sometimes resolve the issue this isn’t always the case. With such intricate policies, algorithms and requirements it can be almost impossible to manage your own SEO campaign. The best plan of attack is to speak to a professional agency.


Experienced SEO agencies have been through the highs and lows of Google algorithm changes so they have the quick reflexes and know-how to resolve whatever comes their way.


If full-scale SEO management isn’t in your budget then maybe consider working with the SEO agency to assist in developing a strategy that you can work on yourself, using the best industry practices and their wealth of knowledge.

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