Yahoo Still no victor but a share increase of 19.8% in two weeks is far from a loss.

Two weeks ago Yahoo became the default search engine for the latest version of Firefox, Firefox 34, in a five-year partnership. Nonbelievers expected users to simply change the default search engine back to Google however that was clearly not the case as Yahoo was used three times more on Firefox 34 than previously used on Firefox 33 for which Google was the default search engine. StatCounter, a statistic tool used to monitor a site’s traffic released the following chart to highlight just how significant the past two weeks have been for the underdog.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-03-at-3.38.35-PM-800x494 (1)
 (Image source:×494.png)

Since the partnership and launch of the newest version of Firefox, Yahoo’s share has increased from 9.6% to 29.4%. Although Google still reigns in all things search engine, the giant saw a big dent in Firefox based search queries with a decline landing just over 63% from 82% in the earlier Firefox version (Firefox 33).

Aside from the obvious success Yahoo can take away from these numbers, this also re-establishes the importance of default search relationships. In an era of convenience and immediacy, being the first thing users see when they access the most frequently used tool for information retrieval can only solidify your position as a serious contender in the battle for search engine supremacy. It is important to remember this partnership and the latest version of Firefox are still in very early stages and the continued growth of these numbers will mean millions of additional monthly queries for Yahoo at this rate.

Now ask yourself, is your website Yahoo ready? People and businesses alike often shrug off the now fast momentum-gaining contender with eyes strictly for Google. They may however want to rethink this strategy. Clients and businesses looking to adopt an SEO campaign would do well keeping an eye on the underdog as recent statistics show that although Google does still carry the majority, they may begin to see search numbers decrease drastically if no consideration for Yahoo users is made as browser preferences will vary from one user to another. With about 100 billion searches a year, the Firefox and Yahoo partnership is definitely something to continue to keep an eye on for both users and businesses.




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