Why is CSR so important?  


Corporate social responsibility or CSR are often an afterthought when developing a business plan but in an age of socially conscious consumers and two-way brand/consumer communication it should instead become a top priority.


Corporate social responsibility has so many different understandings and definition but its essentially the responsibility that organisation takes for the impacts of its practices and decisions on the greater community. CSR can include environmentally safe practices, equal pay, social activism and so much more.


Social views are changing whether we like it or not and that means that consumers are changing as well. People are looking for brands that support their causes and align with their personal values on a host of current social issues, which is why it’s more important than ever to invest in CSR to develop your brand.


But effective CSR is more than just jumping on every trending social movement bandwagon. Not only does that appear like pandering which is a turn-off for consumers but it also be damaging for your brand and its own ethos.


Good CSR requires finding a small handful of causes, movements or organisations that align with your brand values and working with those brands to initiate change. Whether it’s donations, volunteer work or opening up conversations around social issues, working with a smaller number of causes not only allows you to allocate your time and resources better but it connects better with consumers.

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