What’s Involved In An SEO Strategy?

One question a lot of people ask us is, “So how do SEO companies get websites to the top of Google?” Well, there are a number of ways, some ethical and some not so. The landscape is always changing, but at the moment there are three techniques we use to boost your website’s online presence without risking hefty penalties; Content Marketing, Profile Building and Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing

Creating quality content is key to ranking success. This involves writing articles relevant to the keywords you want to rank for and distributing them over various online platforms.

The most important thing we consider when writing content is that it MUST be quality over quantity. Filling an article with keywords to the point where it makes no sense can potentially lead to your site being taken off Google searches altogether. Google’s clever algorithms can identify spam now better than ever, so any content written must be original, relevant and engaging.

Profile Building

One of the more tried and tested methods, profile building includes bookmarking on social networking sites and creating listings in online business directories.

Social bookmarking is a great tool for driving targeted traffic to your website, and it can also increase social awareness and make content easier to share.

Some popular social bookmarking sites include:

Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that today electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets are hugely popular and are used for just about anything. Digital marketing uses these devices to engage and advertise to their audience, whether it be on websites, through social networks or by email.

Digital marketing is constantly growing and evolving, so what worked yesterday may not be the case tomorrow. Today however, using modern methods tools like social media, video and infographics are the best ways of increasing your organic profile.


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