What we think! February Monthly Wrap

February came and went as fast as ever, but the changes in our industry that happened this month may just last the whole year! After a crazy start to the year, we can definitely say that February has hit the ground running with all things digital marketing. The month has demanded positive change and a wakeup call to keep optimising our sites, continue seeing conversions, and build on our loyal online audience.

SEO News
We’ve had our fair share of surprise Google updates, and we were not shocked when February brought us even more rumours of an algorithm update luring.

During the first week of February, many were expecting a core update to go ahead. Nothing was announced by Google, however many articles mentioned that “sites were experiencing significant drops and spikes in their organic traffic”. We can confidently say that this might have been a minor update that didn’t ruffle any feathers in particular. Some niches were affected, and some benefited as per usual – but for us, our clients noticed a positive impact on their rankings.

Danny Sullivan tweeted on the 13th of February that “We do updates all the time”. Well thanks Sully, tell us something we don’t know! So yes, from this we can say that there was SOME updates to the algorithm, but we can rest assured knowing it wasn’t a BIG change.  

Just a quick reminder (has Google often does) that the quality of our websites should always be updated, just as the algorithms are. Constantly checking in and refining those keywords and the content on your pages is crucial to achieving great results. Have a look at your current keywords and track what works, what doesn’t, and what you can change to keep optimising your website.

What we think? Well, Google might have just gotten smarter with how intention gets viewed through the algorithm. Those who were impacted may have had vague or unclear language in their content. Those websites that benefited from the update have a more well-defined and direct sense of what their site has to offer. Being specific in your content throughout your website is absolute key when it comes to minor changes like this one.

SEM News
Now, this is super exciting! Google Ads have given us advertisers a whole lot more insight into how customers are navigating through websites! It was spotted being tested which triggered digital marketing nerds like us across the globe to go mental! From what we know, there will be a new set of options in the Category tab will be split into two: sales and leads.

The Category Tab will look a little something like this:

Sales Category:

  • Purchase
  • Add to cart
  • Begin checkout
  • Subscribe

Leads Category:

  • Submit leads form
  • Book appointment
  • Sign up
  • Request quote
  • Get directions
  • Outbound click

There may or may not be more options available but from what we can see so far, this will give significant information through these selections. We can now track these micro-conversions and analyse how we can enhance our client campaigns – exciting stuff to say the least!

Social News
This month in socials we’ve noticed the constant rise in video content. The growth started long ago and definitely isn’t news to us, but the short and long forms of video has continued to increase further than anyone had anticipated. Video content is being consumed by all of us on social media, and it’s safe to say there is no better time to start than now.  

TikTok and IGTV has completely taken over our feeds and viewers are engaging with the most creative videos on each platform. With over 500 million active users, TikTok is on its way to take over. IG vs. TikTok – Let the battle of the socials begin, we say!

Also, Facebook is launching its Creator Studio App for all creators. From what we know, this tool is coming very soon, and we cannot wait! Facebook says that the app will be “helping creators and publishers manage their content, track performance and connect meaningfully with their audiences on Facebook… all from the ease of a mobile device”. This is the best thing to happen to my phone since Pay Pass!

Our News
We are delighted to be seeing incredible results coming through at the end of this month with mostly all of our clients. Their Google Analytics have been tracking extremely well considering we are just leaving the “off” period of the year, things have well and truly have picked back up

The SEO Premier team has been diligent in offering clients the best advice with their online marketing strategies and campaigns. We’ve noticed ways to improve all of our clients’ online presence and continued to build them a loyal customer base that keeps converting.

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