Weekly Update: Go Get Plonked + Suite 360

Let’s welcome into the world the new search engine Plonked. While it isn’t going to be a super powerhouse like Google, it does serve an important function in the world, and your business better get onboard. Plonked is a search engine that provides business information, which thankfully, is currently free to use.

Do I have your attention now?

According to co-founder Anku Varma, “The average degree of separation for most tech companies is 3.5. In other words, even the most obscure small businesses are in fact connected to the other 24 million businesses in the United States in just three to four hops.

Instead of digging through all the search results to find out about industry relevant mergers, you can do a quick search on Plonked to see exactly how the companies are interconnected to get the fuller picture.

But how did Plonked come into being, and why should you use it instead of Google for your business needs? As Varma points out, “There’s no way I can click on Google and say ‘Just show me the businesses that meet this criteria, this location, this size, this kind of a business profile’, and so on. So we set about building that out.” Which is true. Just yesterday I was searching for influencer businesses and had to dig through all the advertisements and articles regarding the industry! Even the businesses first showing, were the ones I already knew of.

We believe that just searching for companies often isn’t sufficient. Users want to see more color behind the search. Is a company growing? How is its brand perceived? Are they hiring? How large is their ecosystem of partners and customers?” said Varma.

Is it only for businesses, or can the everyday person use it to?

Well, Varma says he doesn’t want people to have to learn our industry lingo just to use Plonked. You can use your everyday language to search for businesses like you do on Google, but produce refined results. Varma also says that as they are in the first few weeks of Plonked’s release, they are analysing the searches to make Plonked smarter.

Large Businesses say goodbye Google Analytics Premium

In case you haven’t overheard the chatter but Google Analytics 360 Suite is here and it’s brought presents! Just like a child on Christmas morning, SEO workers woke up in March with twinkling in their eyes and problem-free.

Did you know that 67.1% of the Top 1 Million websites use Google Analytics? Now Google has revealed Google Analytics 360 Suite to better cater to large businesses who have enough money, and employees to focus on the data to achieve the results.

Why should large businesses be happy?

Google Analytics 360 Suite has a new interface with new or improve features. We’ve welcomed in Google Audience Centre 360, Google Optimise 360, and Google Data Studio 360. Then there are our favourites Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 360 (rebranded), and Google Attribution 360 (formerly known as Adometry).

Like I mentioned earlier, 360 Suite requires dedicated employees to analyse the data, and incorporate it to make actionable strategies. So what am I most excited for? Google Data Studio 360 has more flexibility and options for customising your datasets into visualisations you can actually follow without flicking through the pages. Or as Google has put it, “It integrates data across all the Analytics 360 Suite products and even other data sources ― turning it into rich, interactive reports and dashboards.”

And isn’t that we all want?


Written by Bernice Abuan