Your website is scaring people away

What do all businesses want in order to survive? Sales. How do you get sales? Leads. And how do you obtain leads? Implementing strategies through marketing.

While you could focus your business’ time, finances, and energy on creating fantastic television ads, and getting perfect spokespeople, you are risking a whole lot of opportunities by putting your digital portfolio on the backburner.

E-Marketing is just as important, if not more important, than other marketing platforms. Heck, Daniel Wellington has created a $200 million watch business through solely social media marketing.

Yes, you have a website that has text that describes your services and a contact form so that the customers can talk to you.

But what are they seeing?

How are they seeing it?

What impression are they left with after they’ve closed the window and focused back on the world that has billions of other websites and businesses begging for attention?

People will invest in companies they trust will provide the services they want, but first they have to build that feeling of dependability with your business.

So how do you build that trust dependability with a potential customer?

  1. Have a website that looks good not just to you. We can all be perfectionist and think we know what our website should look like. But you must get into the mind of your target audience as well. Will they reach the same conclusions on your website that you’re feeling? Review the data your website visitors are leaving, such as time spent on which pages and why, and optimise your website accordingly.
  2. Have a website that functions even in times of stress. If you’re website only has a few hundred clicks per months, but you’re rolling out a huge campaign that is expected to draw in thousands of new unique visitors, it’s time to upgrade your server to accommodate all those new leads!
  3. Have social media attached. Research has shown that customers have more trust towards businesses that have social media accounts. This is because it provides more forms of potential communication, and shows a deeper personality to your brand.
  4. Provide a range of contact options such as a contact form, email, phone number, and fax. But also have a contact name so they feel they are talking to a real person, not just a business who wants their patronage.
  5. Last but not least, talk to your customers as you implied you would. If you have contact options, but don’t reply to each message you’re creating a negative perception of your honesty and reliability. Your ‘thank you’ message stated you would reply within 48 hours, but it’s been two weeks doesn’t send good vibes to customers looking to invest their time and money into something. If there will be time delays in replies, let them know.


Written by Bernice Abuan