Importance of Web Design on an SEO project

How important is the design and feel of a website during an SEO project? From a ranking perspective the way your site looks and operates for the customer is irrelevant, the colour of your background or the images in your banner are not going to have any effect on ranking whatsoever. Although from our perspective at SEO Premier it does depend on how you determine the success of an SEO campaign.

What is a #1 ranking if you don’t benefit financially and through brand awareness? Surely a #1 ranking is irrelevant if you don’t feel increased sales and increased revenue as a result. This is why we take our project beyond the basics of ‘here are your keywords and here are your rankings’..

We want to understand in more detail how everything we do impact your business overall not just your website. We are working a couple of web design projects at the minute for our SEO clients who have been with us for some time now, they have top ranking for some of the most competitive and highly sought after keywords in their industry yet the conversion to sale is still not as high as potentially it could be.

Generally speaking a customer won’t just land on a site and buy they will make purchasing decisions on a number of aspects; price, quality of product, brand value, customer feedback, location etc. When you rank on the first page it doesn’t guarantee success you still only have a few seconds to grab the customers attention before they exit the site and click onto the next result. This is why design and feel of a website is so important and although not directly linked to SEO is can have a huge bearing over the ultimate success of an SEO campaign.

The investment into a new design is something that is much easier to justify than other digital marketing investments as the question of a quick return is never really in doubt. We will cross reference the last 2 months analytic data of our clients with their financial books and sales log to the next 2 months once the design have been finalised and implemented and we can compare conversion rate from visit to sale.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting few months for our client and the potential in this investment for them is huge and it will develop our partnership further than just an SEO supplier into a full scale digital agency solution. We look forward to experiencing our clients success with them.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of design coupled with SEO please get in touch.

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