Top 3 is where we want to be..


When searching on Google, or any search engine for that matter, the behaviour of those users can be monitored quite accurately.

As an SEO agency it’s then our role to use this data to the benefit of our clients. Now we know that over 90% of all search traffic routes through the 1st page:


That much is obvious, I mean who has the time to go digging down in the depths of the search results to find what they are looking for. We use Google because we trust that it will return the most relevant and high quality result for my search and as such we are most likely to click and engage with the top listings. Top 3 on average to be precise:


You can see here that over 60% all of search traffic, on average, will route through positions 1-3 on the 1st page of a search results. That amplifies the need for SEO companies to refocus their efforts and strive to deliver gold, silver or bronze results. Many will sell you the 1st page – Page 1 is great and for branding purposes your site will be seen and valued but will it be clicked on? Yes a certain click through will come from positions 4-10, about 30% in total, but the big return on investment is driven by those Top 3 positions.

So what does this mean for business owners and SEO’s. Ultimately your SEO is going to be working hard month on month pulling you up towards those podium finishes but what you can be doing as a website owner to help pull yourself over the line. After all we are all pulling in the same direction and you and your SEO agency should be a team.

Updating and expanding page content regularly, blogging, videos, social media activity, having your affiliate’s link to you, adding testimonials and case studies, maybe even look to invest in premium listings such as UBL.

Once we reach those Top 3 positions, sustaining them is a daily battle and we need an active and authoritative site valued by the search engines to deliver that. It’s not easy but to yield a high ROI we need to work hard to deliver a medal finish.

Thanks for reading and we will be putting out weekly pieces now to help create some transparency with SEO and how search engines work which is often shrouded in mystery. Not with SEO Premier, ask the question and you’ll get the answer.

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