Thick and Thin Content

Let’s admit it, we’ve all tried this before…

Chucked every single keyword under the sun in one paragraph, uploaded it on a website and expected that surely by the next day it will be ranking number one on Google.

If only it was that simple.

One mistake that businesses who manage their own SEO often make, is that they create content that has no substance. In an SEO tactic to rank higher on competitive search engine pages, many companies publish pages that has absolutely no value.  

“Thin content” has become a major issue for those in the digital marketing field, as poorly written websites are ranking higher than sites producing content that users are genuinely searching for.

There is an assumption that pages with minimal text are last to rank, however it is usually the complete opposite.

The phrase “quality over quantity” definitely applies to your SEO. Google especially, has noticed pages with “thin content” and are now turning the tables.  They have been prioritising sites with minimal text that hold actual value.  

The key to high ranking search engine results is to focus on content that provides relevance and quality to your page. Going through your website often and auditing the current content can make a significant difference to your SEO.

Your specific audience is looking for relevant information and as a business, your goal should be to relate directly to them, focusing on their needs.

If you notice issues, it is important to address them quickly and perhaps consult an SEO agency to assist you with achieving the best possible results.

Written by Haley Evirgen – Content & Social Media Executive

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