The 5 crucial elements of a killer landing page

The landing pages on your website can have a significant impact on your site’s reach and conversion rate. By pouring all the right ingredients into your landing page, you’ll be quite surprised with the results. These super simple tips will help your engagement, conversion and meeting your goals

ATTENTION! – Exciting headline:

The headline of your page will be the first thing that will grab the reader’s attention. Without this, your audience may just scroll past your page not thinking twice about it. Compel the reader to click and learn more about what you are offering them. A notable headline should be short and no more than 15 characters! It should also briefly define what exactly you will find on the page.

Sub headings are also important! Using bold font, numbers or dot points in your content allows the reader to skim through your landing page and still have a brief understanding of the information.

The first 50 milliseconds rule – Flawless Layout

According to this journal article it takes exactly 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion of a web page, purely based on visuals. So, that’s the challenge! You have 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds), to make sure your page is visually appealing and exciting, for those online having a browse.

An appearance of a page can most definitely make or break the user’s interaction. Having a clean and aesthetic website has more of an appeal to your audience, and they will be more likely to engage further or continue exploring other landing pages on your website.

Having a cluttered and disorganised layout could affect your conversion rate, as user’s will click right off your website. Less is more when it comes to web design, and we encourage obvious navigation, so readers are not confused and bombarded with too much going on the landing pages. 

Less is more! – Stay Concise

Nobody has time for, or wants to, read an unnecessarily long article about information that is not relevant to them. This is why in order to create an effective landing page; it should stay brief and offer only the important information that provides value to the user. A good landing page answers all the questions the reader may have on what you are offering. Whether it be a product or a service, answer all your frequently asked questions in the shortest way possible.

Often, many think that the longer the content on a page, the more chances they have on hitting that first page of Google. Unfortunately, if your content is full of irrelevant information and absolute rubbish, Google will notice, and your readers will definitely steer clear of your pages. Make sure your content is simplified, concise and only informative content for your readers.

*yawn* No boring copy! – Engaging Content

This tip links very closely with making your content concise. Engaging contentis one of the most important elements of any successful landing page. If the copy is not appealing or unique, not many people are going to be reading it. To ensure your copy truly is engaging for your readers, use inclusive language and include other media types such as videos and photos! Your reader is more likely to engage with these forms of media rather than text if your page is a little too wordy for them. According to this article the brain can comprehend visual information faster and better than text, 60,000 times faster to be exact! Make sure your visuals are high-

CLICK ME! – The Call to Action

This is definitely the cherry on top. Each landing page on your website should have a call-to-action button. This call-to-action button is how you interact with the user on your website. This can be an “Email Us”, “Chat with us now” or even a “Sign Up” button that is positioned clearly for the reader to see. Elements of design and aesthetic appeal to your landing page must ensure the button is in perfect location and won’t missed! This button purely converts those visitors on your page to become actual customers & clients that you can keep in contact with.

Now, it’s time to get cracking! Make these changes to your landing pages and test the results! Keep analysing your analytics and managing how long users are spending on your pages, are they reading right through or clicking off? Hopefully these tips will help you get on the right track and keep increasing those conversions!

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