Sometimes, less really is more in SEO

Often times we hear that it’s more important to have one good expensive winter coat that will last you a few years rather than a cheaper coat that needs to be replaced each Winter. While this principle holds true for so many purchases, such as appliances, homewares or technology we don’t always apply it to SEO.


For some businesses, the idea that more is better and more of everything means more results is pretty ingrained. But like with other investment pieces, it isn’t always the case. Yes, there are times SEO where more is definitely better but that broad principle shouldn’t be applied to all aspects of your approach.


In fact, there are some instances where less is definitely more. For example, when it comes to backlinks there is an assumptions that lots of backlinks means huge results and businesses are often left confused when their hard work doesn’t translate in their metrics. But often it is the quality of these links that really count, rather than just the numbers.


When considering your SEO strategy don’t get caught up in the amount of work you want to produce but rather consider the quality and value, which will most likely yield better results.

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