Social Signals – What are they?

Social Media is one of the greatest societal changes in modern history. The way in which it has changed the way people live and socialise has had far greater impact on daily life than developments such as the telephone and electronic mail.

Social signals are speculated to be growing in importance within Google Algorithm with the qualifier of social sharing and popularity hard to ignore for a search engine. Ultimately if you have broad and active profiles pumping our engaging content which is being shared and valued by large numbers how can that not be taken into account when judging a website quality.

But how does this impact business and how can SME’s and larger corporations use this platform to further their brand?
Here are 3 key benefits to a business:

1. Listen to your consumer – Gone are the days when your products, price and service will be discussed down the local mall. If people have a gripe they will go online and post it for the world to see. This means reputation management is key to ensuring you have a voice for the company with social media, allowing you to engage in consumer conversation and have your direct input into any dialogue.

2. Become an authoritative voice – Social Platforms do not prioritise companies based on size or profile, it is a clear playing field with the only goal of engagement and conversation. This gives SME’s an opportunity to become a voice in their respective industry and to build a profile which can become recognisable. Commenting on industry news, input into industry conversation, feedback on experience etc. All give a unique insight to the consumer and brings a feel of realism to the brand; you have a voice.

3. Advertising – Business owners are always looking for new ways to get in front of their customer and advertise their services. Social media brings a new, measurable way of pitching directly to their consumer demographic given the specific nature of a social profile. Users are profiled by age, gender, location, interests, job role etc. so when advertising your business you can target exactly the audience you are looking to obtain, something much more measurable than directories, radio/TV and even search engines.

Social Media Marketing is a service which provides value on a number of levels to a business, giving you more exposure and more brand value online. Many consumer will now qualify a brand by social metrics such as ‘Facebook Likes’ and judge the worthiness of a company by their social popularity. Its key business owners move with these societal changes and enhance the power of social media.

If you would like to discuss how social media can benefit your business specifically then please do get in touch with SEO Premier to arrange a consultation with one of our specialists.

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