Social media marketing is arguably the most flexible and affordable advertising tool today. Unlike traditional methods such as print & TV, you have full control of your paid media approach. Spend as much or as little as you want & advertise anytime.

Social media has developed into one of the biggest & most powerful platforms in the digital marketing industry. With tens of millions of individuals connected across the globe through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn there is already a huge audience available at your disposal.


A key benefit of social media marketing it the ability to gather consumer information with ease. With users openly sharing information such as gender, age and interests, this allows advertisers to access demographic targeting like no other.

But don’t let the flexibility and convenience fool you. Social is so much more than creating a page and waiting for your audience to find you. Too many businesses post content for the sake of appearing active without offering their audience value.

Successful social media marketing requires a deep understanding of the social media industry and a creative, fresh approach. As a social media agency, we develop insight-driven social media campaigns that generate results for a multitude of platforms to bring your brand up to speed online and generate consumer response.

Advertisers can leverage social media to build their brands online presence, to engage with their customers and to generate sales revenue through the various platforms at your disposal.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising clearly define dollars in vs. dollars out and with a custom audience, targeted to your exact demographic there’s no reason why your content cannot be served to and engaged by your ideal customer.

When you add on top of the advertising channels, the growing influencer market particularly on Instagram you then not only have an online sales channels with social, you also have a branding tool which influences your target demographic. Businesses are leveraging off the social presence generated by these influencers to build their business and you can to.

Over the past few years we have watched social media turn into a digital marketing giant. Being involved in the industry before the rise of social media, we were able to grasp, observe and analyse firsthand and grow with it over time.

Being this involved with social media early on allowed us to thoroughly understand strategies and algorithms from beginning stages. We stayed informed with trends, updates and changes to all platforms to test and refine our own social media strategy. This is exactly what gave the knowledge and the experience we have today.

Developing a brand identity and presence on social media is not a question anymore. This is a must for all businesses, no matter what industry they are in. Because of this rapid growth, brands have no choice but to create a social media account for their business, because this is exactly where their market is.

When creating customised client social media solutions, we make sure to include content that provide meaning to consumers. We believe that this is a combination of valuable content, brand connection and call to action. At SEO Premier this is the core basis of our social media strategy.

Through the use of analytics and insights, we gain useful knowledge of who your audience is, where they are from, when they are on social media and why they are on social media. There is no other digital channel will offer this much insight into your consumers, and this is why social media works. This insight is crucial in delivering a social media strategy that converts. Social media strategy does not end here though. Maintaining social media success relies on consistency of updating and refining. Our team stays up to date with analysing client results to improve current strategies and enhance further growth.

Whether you need paid or organic social media management, our team at SEO Premier can give you results. We are able to bring your vision to life through social media strategy and accurate execution. Not only do we implement a strategy, but we also combine the understanding of online traffic, brand awareness and positive ROI to create a great platform for your business.

Our client satisfaction is the key to our success. Understanding your message and your vision and depicting that through social media is the forefront of our strategy. Through a collaborative partnership, we work alongside you to achieve business goals, target your customers and establish a strong social media presence that is made to last. We take the time to know your brand’s voice, tone and message when creating tailored content specific to your social media platforms. We believe understanding these factors and knowing your unique features is what achieves goals, gets results and also what leave’s our clients satisfied.

We help our clients achieve quality business growth and build a network of loyal customers to continue following their brand. We ensure to provide a social media management strategy and solution that is aligned with your business goals and vision. Our results are proven with a pool of satisfied clients that all see the value of having a social media presence to rake in conversions and results that last.


Social Media provides a digital platform to build your following and generate positive awareness for your brand.


Drive large numbers of engaged users to your website through demographically targeted content marketing.


With detailed Analytic Tracking you can accurately track shopping and sales conversions from social campaigns.


Ask the Experts

Should my brand have a presence on every social media platform?

Your brand should only have a presence on the platforms your target market are on, and that you are willing to keep active regularly. Some brands that have more visual products or services are perfect for Instagram, but may not be suited for LinkedIn. Conversely, a corporate company in the financial industry may be better off doing the exact opposite.

How do I advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook actually owns Instagram, so you are able to advertise on both through the Facebook ad manager. You are able to advertise on Instagram only, but it can still only be done via a Facebook ad/business manager account.

How do social media influencers make money?

Influencers collaborate with brands to promote their products for a fee, and this fee is based on how likely a return on investment is for the brand.

What is the difference between a social media influencer and a brand ambassador?

An influencers has their own personal brand and following, which they leverage off to collaborate with brand to promote their products over a short term campaign. Brand ambassadors are typically paid a retainer to represent a brand over a longer term, and may or may not have already had some level of celebrity status before becoming an ambassador.

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