Social Media Records and Activism

6 Glorious Years of Social Media #GuinessWorldRecords

Yesterday marked the (unofficial) Social Media Day, started by Mashable six years ago. To honour the occasion, several companies have pointed out the ten Guiness World Records that took place on Social Media!

The top three stand outs are:

  1. The first Vine from Space by Reid Wisemen. This Vine showed the world a single Earth rotation!
  2. The Tears of Joy Emoji is the most popular emoji used worldwide. In fact, 20% of all emoji’s sent within the UK were the Tears of Joy, and in 2015 it became Oxford Dictionary’s first pictograph voted as the Word Of the Year.
  3. Youtuber PewDiePie became the first Youtube Channel to surpass 10 billion views.

The Future of SEO investment

A recent study by Borrell Associates shows that 2016 will show a $65 billion dollar investment in SEO across the globe. This will be followed by $72 billion spent by 2018, and then $79 billion by 2020.

But why the increase?

A majority of the five billion webpages available in the world are free, and new websites are being created every second. The vast competition makes it hard to differentiate yourself among the advertising noise. This means it is becoming increasingly important to invest in SEO, content marketing, and social media building.

Chinese Women use Social Media to fight Sexual Abuse Taboos

Within China, sexual health, and sexual conduct is often taboo. Even in their High School Sex Education book by 21st Century Publishing Group, said that: “girls do not increase the love they receive from boys by sacrificing their bodies, but rather are seen as ‘degraded’ by their ‘conquerors’.” Even more infuriating, it stated that women who engaged in premarital sex were “cheap” and the act caused “tremendous negative psychological and physical impact on [the] girls”.

Some of the more prolific cases of Chinese sexual rights activism on social media includes:

The #OnlineFeverThatJournalistRapedFemaleIntern hashtag after a female intern was raped by a colleague at a Chinese media company, along with two other females who accused the same man of sexual harassment. The intern stated she “didn’t realise it was rape [as she was taught rape] was a stranger in the street using violence, a knife to force you”.

The #BeatenBecauseBoyfriendSuspectedCheating hashtag after Beijing used “YuzuSama” posted a photo of herself with two black eyes, and heavy bruising after her partner suspected she has cheated. Weibo users encouraged her to be strong, and go to the police. The boyfriend was later arrested on June 30.

Lastly, the hashtags #ShanghaiMetroWolf, #NowAWretchedManOnChengduMetro,  and #TwoWomenMolestedonMetroLine13 became internationally popular after netizens made videos of groups of women shaming male sexual assaulters to get off pubic transport, after being caught sexually harassing female passengers.

Written by Bernice Abuan

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