Should I Optimise My Website For Multiple Devices?

Smartphones and tablets have become commonplace in the modern era, and their ability to handle online tasks just as well as desktops has made them perfect for surfing the web on the go. On tablets like iPads, viewing and navigating a desktop site is fine because the screen is large, but the same cannot be said for mobile devices.

If you use a smartphone, then you’ve probably viewed a website that hasn’t been mobile optimised and exited soon after. Most of the time it isn’t worth the hassle of zooming in on every paragraph you want to read and every link you want to click. If you then compare that to a site that has been optimised for a mobile device, it’s clear that the latter website will win the heart (and potentially the business) of the consumer searching from their smartphone.

So, if you own business and have a website, is it worth optimising it for mobile devices? A reputable SEO service provider will be able to give you detailed analysis relating to what device your website is being viewed on, and the average visiting times. For example, the table below shows the number of monthly sessions for each device on a website and, among other things, how long on average those sessions lasted. The number of Sessions and Average Session Duration have been highlighted:

Device StatsSource: Google Analytics

In this example, we see that 157 potential customers have viewed the site from a mobile device, and their average time spent on the site is only 22 seconds. Compare this to the average time spent on the desktop site (4 minutes and 14 seconds) and we can see that since the site isn’t optimised for mobile devices, visitors just aren’t bothering to stick around long enough to engage with it and see what the business has to offer.

It’s fair to say that with one fifth of their viewership visiting the site from a mobile device, this particular company should definitely invest in a mobile optimisation strategy if they want to have the best chance of reaching as many potential customers as possible. In some instances though, there isn’t a dire urgency to optimise the website for mobile devices. In any case, it’s best to find out exactly how many potential customers are viewing your site from their smartphone and take action if you see fit.

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