SEO’s walk down 2016 memory lane

SEO’s 2016 Roundup


Though most of us are ready to part ways and say goodbye – let’s talk a quick walk down memory lanes together and reminisce the crazy year that was 2016. The year that Trump became president elect and the entire globe mourned the death of a gorilla for 6 months too long.


We’re going to share with you our favourite stories of the year:


1.Pokemon Go and your business?

Remember the hordes of people with their eyes glued to their phones congregating in the same area and furiously swiping up? Yeah, those were the days… Though not as popular as it used to be, Pokemon Go was an invaluable asset for businesses who were quick enough to develop a marketing strategy based on the hype.


This is probably a trend that should stay in 2016 considering all the misadventures people were finding themselves in.




2.Yahoo sells for $4.8bn to telecommunications corporation Verizon and then gets embroiled in a hacking scandal in which over 1bn users are affected. These are two separate stories that are so awkward that it could have only happened in 2016. In Yahoo’s defence, they were only made aware of the system hacks after the Verizon purchase.




3.Chewbacca Mom took the Internet by storm in one of the most uplifting and positive viral clips to come out of this year. Not only did an unsuspecting mother bring smiles to millions of faces but she became a brand ambassador and gift recipient to Kohl’s.


Along the way, she taught us the value that positivity can have on digital marketing and viral campaigns.




4.What’s up with WhatsApp??? Facebook was ultra sneaky this year and revealed to its WhatsApp users that it would be using their phone numbers from August 2016 onwards to develop more targeted advertising campaigns.


Despite stating that there would be no conflict of interest between Facebook and WhatsApp after Facebook’s purchase in 2014, it seems as though this was not the case. WhatsApp has argued this development was aimed at improving customer experience…


In an interesting twist, Germany is in the process of acting against this new development based on Europe’s more stringent and protective privacy laws.




5.Fake news was all the rage in 2016. Considering how many mind bending, astonishing and insane things that happened, it’s no surprise that everyone from large news networks to clickbait blogs want to get in on the action.


Fake news refers to sites that present information in the same format as news sites. However, these sites use unchecked sources or no sources at all, simply twisting facts and information from various outlets.


Some people blame this surge of ‘news’ as the cause for many of the unfortunate events that have occurred in this godforsaken year. As a result Facebook (the platform where majority of fake news is circulated) has decided to alter its algorithm to target this trend.



It’s been a pretty crazy year, but hopefully 2017 will be a fresh start with a clean slate…unless we get hit with 2016s.


Until then though, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we look forward to bringing you more content next year.









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