SEO Weekly Update – Your competitors now see your app data

Updates, Updates, Updates!

It took Google four months to reduce their search quality raters guidelines from 160 page in November 2015, to 146 by March 28th.

The major changes have been outlined by SEMPost’s Jennifer Slegg:

  1. Less emphasis on supplementary content, as previous versions stressed the importance of the impact the supplementary content created
  2. Local is more important. It has also been renamed “Visit-in-person”. Thank goodness it has been renamed! I’ve spent one too many times looking for a nearby restaurant just for my SER to be filled with restaurants more than a comfortable drive away.
  3. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! Like all things in life, Google wants you to know the value of searching for quality than shoving a whole lot of nothing at you. That’s why E-A-T, or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is valued higher more than ever in SEO.

Shopping with Adwords made easier

It seems like only yesterday (was it?) that Google announced all those beautiful updates to the Google Suite that left some SEO managers quivering, while other wiped away tears of joy.

The Products tab in Adwords has been filled with wonderful additions for more ease to collect, analyse, and adapt. Now, managers can find columns named “Product status” and “Effective Max CPC”. Adding this function provides you the ability to see if your product is ready to be served, disapproved, excluded, or out of stock. No need to go into the Merchant Centre as the percentages and totals for products are already there in the column! Being more effective, the CPC column allows you to make bid adjustments directly from the on individual products within the product groups.

Where’s your app?

Searchmetrics has announced it’s own updates to its SEO and Content Marketing Analytics Services that can either be a good or bad thing for your business if you have an app that is sold on Google or Apple.

It’s the first company known to provide this service, and it’s currently being rolled out in the US after a success in the UK. You see, using their service you’ll be able to view where your app but also your competitors appear in Google App Packs AND also where they appear in mobile search results.

To bring you up to speed, “A Google App Pack is a group of up to six suggested apps that might be returned in a Google mobile search, appearing as colourful tiles with app names, icons, prices and ratings. They link to the app download pages in the Google or Apple app stores. Searchmetrics reports that about 10 percent of Google mobile searches return an App Pack.”

But thats not all! They also allow you to see where your paid app ads rank compared to your competitors, and released their Visibility Guard which “sends email or chat alerts about problems affecting ranking that a search engine crawl might encounter”.

Written by Bernice Abuan