SEO Update: Websites Perishing and AI Knowledge

Websites not Mobile Optimised will perish

Whether your website is mobile friendly, otherwise known as mobile optimised, has been a ranking factor for Google organic searches since April 2015. But this year, during Google’s complete overhaul of their old system, to their new, it’s time to totally say goodbye to all the competitors who don’t have a mobile optimised website.

They don’t stand a chance!

Google has just announced that starting May of 2016 they will be unleashing an update to mobile search results that “increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.” So if your website is mobile optimised, no biggie! You’ll be fine, and depending on how effective your SEO is, you may even be better off than you were before.

To keep ahead of the game, ensure you, or your content creator, is publishing high quality content regularly, and you’re targeting your page keywords to focus on the intent of user searches.

In other news, Knowledge Graph is featured in 19% of searches

As Stephen Hawking warned us last year that Artificial Intelligence may one day kill us all, Google’s Rankbrain, may end your business image with it’s Knowledge Graph. But what is Rankbrain? It is the artificial intelligence system that is the third most important factor that contributes to your ranking in Google searches. It processes search engine results from machine learning: machines teach themselves how to develop when exposed to different data.

Okay Bernice, now what is Knowledge Graph? It is the panel on the side of your search results that provides important information, photos, contact information, and links to social media profiles. Or for me, what appears when I search for “Best New Movies 2016” and tells me whether I should or shouldn’t watch Zootopia.



Pretty much it provides context to your search. Rank brain scourers the internet to find relevant information, analyses it, and tries to interpret what you are looking for to provide better results.

With 19% of searches providing a Knowledge Graph, it’s an important marketing tool. Now if all the reviews on the side for Zootopia are terrible, and it only has 1 out of 5 stars, I wouldn’t bother watching or reading anything about it every again. Same goes with your brand.

Inaccurate or negative information may be churned out by Rankbrain to provide a less than optimal Knowledge Graph for your potential customer. Let’s say you have an old work phone number on a few websites, and Rankbrain finds that instead of your new one. You may have the best business front but still lose hundreds of potential customers who call up the old number provided by Knowledge Graph.

Am I speaking a different language?

To solve this dilemma, the four search engine giants – Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yamex-  sponsored Schema created a bit of coding you can add onto your website to “indicate what type of object you are referring to in a piece of text.”

Unfortunately, not enough lot of people use this software. I guess they just don’t want more business :/

Written by Bernice Abuan