SEO for ecommerce websites

Optimising ecommerce websites carries a certain amount of responsibility with it. We are not just developing a sites ranking to increase traffic, newsletter registrations, affiliate clicks or general awareness. We are developing a ranking which will generate the revenue a client requires to pay overheads, improve their business and give themselves the life they desire.

SEO companies need to be mindful how much ecommerce clients depend on this ranking to drive their business. The days of customer walk ups in suburban areas are dwindling along with the fall of marketing tools such as paper Yellow Pages and newspaper ads. Consumers want to shop online in the comfort of their own homes and our client’s desperately need that targeted ranking which will have them competing for this online business.

Here are some of the key areas which need considering for ecommerce clients:

• Keyword selection – It’s essential we target a good mix of broad keywords which drive high amounts of traffic and the smaller more specific searches which generate less traffic but hold a higher conversion rate to sale. That mix of high traffic and high conversion rate will bring the customers to the site and encourage sales.

• Engaging Website – Getting your potential customers onto the website is one thing but then ensuring they purchase is another altogether. We need to do everything in our power to encourage that sale; engaging content, dynamic design, easily accessible enquiry form, live chat functionality etc. make sure we do everything possible to convert each visit.

• Mobile Platform – The transition to mobile and tablet search makes mobile friendly websites a necessity for ecommerce moving into 2014. If businessmen on the move are shopping on their handset on the move or tablet users are browsing at home you cannot risk missing out on these customers by having a site impossible to access where you need to zoom, scroll and your touch screen cannot select the correct page to load as it is so small. Investing in a mobile version of the site may soon pay a return due to those lost customers purchasing.

These are just a few simple requirements for ecommerce which maybe aren’t as essential for non selling clients. The role of an SEO provider shouldn’t be to just build a ranking, it should be to tailor a strategy specific to each client which will develop their business. For ecommerce this is targeted traffic and conversion to sale, starting out with these suggestions can be the first few steps towards winning custom and increasing your revenue.

If you would like to see some of the ecommerce results we have achieved at SEO Premier and the subsequent benefits that our clients have experienced as a result please get in touch today and we will be happy to provide you with some free advice.

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