You, your business & COVID-19

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You, your business & COVID-19

And just like that, we all found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic.

Who would have thought, this time last month we would be faced with the challenges we are seeing now? The COVID-19 pandemic has only grown to become an ever-changing and evolving crisis that businesses are having to cope with. For us during this time, it’s been lots of social distancing & self-isolation, but all in all – business as usual. We’ve helped plenty of our clients slightly change their digital marketing strategies, specifically their SEO campaigns to keep pushing results through these uncertain times.

Digital marketing has become crucial as ever in this climate, and we’ve noticed a sudden shift in consumer behaviour – this might include a drop in sales online, or perhaps a high demand for your business or product. Thisis why a very specific strategy coping through COVID-19 is necessary for all businesses big and small. We’ve listed a few changes that we’ve noticed that might benefit your business.

Share how your business is coping

Create an honest and direct relationship with your customers. Whether this be posting an update on your page regarding the precautions and measures your business has taken with COVID-19, or even uploading a positive quote on your social media platforms, this is the time to create relationships. Providing open lines of communication is crucial during these trying times. Businesses that care about their customers are the ones that will be likely to survive during the upcoming phases of the pandemic.

Stay on top of Google Trends

All of us have been LIVING on Google Trends at the moment. This is a fantastic way to understand broadly what is trending online, and also specific insights within your industry. Get familiar with the products or services consumers are demanding right now and adapt your own business to suit their needs. This slight knowledge will show them that your business truly cares about them and will benefit your business to cope in the long run.

Make the switch to online

If you are not already an eCommerce site, now is the time to make the switch to online! There is no other option, as this alternative will be the only form of sales available (unless you are an essential service). With everyone self-isolating, more and more digital customers will be converting. Their demands are now online related, and this definitely includes online shopping, so expect growth in online shoppers. Whether this be first-timers, non-regulars, or return online shoppers, they will all be looking out for your service or product given to them digitally.

Online promotions & discounts

With your eCommerce platform up and running, we recommend considering sales and discounts to your audience. Show that you care about what is happening to livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic. This small gesture will be appreciated by your customers and will establish a trusting relationship. Sales will fluctuate between industries, and this is where we can help establish a strong and specific digital campaign to target those customers you want. This is the time to reach out to all categories from lost, current, and at-risk customers.

At SEO Premier, we understand the way each unique industries will need to adapt through this. We have introduced a collection of small and helpful changes to our clients. Some of these include adding extra pages on their website regarding the situation, how they are taking measures, and adding a larger budget to their Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We also strongly recommend to take this time to listen to your customer’s needs, adapt the situation to help them. Through this, you will be able keep pushing through this very unstable time and create a strong relationship between brand & consumer.

With clear vision, understanding of your customer, and a specific digital marketing plan, your business will bounce back faster than your competitors after the COVID-19 pandemic. Get in contact with SEO Premier for more information and for a quick chat on how to make sure you are doing all the right things during this time.

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