Who’s Who in SEO? Top 7 Influencers in Digital Marketing You Should Follow

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Who’s Who in SEO? Top 7 Influencers in Digital Marketing You Should Follow

The realm of digital marketing is always evolving. Self-proclaimed experts run abound. The question is: Who do you follow so you can keep up with the latest trends and strategies?

In this SEO Premier Blog, we highlight the top 7 digital marketing influencers you should follow to gain a wealth of diverse insights so you can stay-up-to date and implement better strategies for your future campaigns. Let’s meet them one by one!

Top 7: Olga Andrienko (SEMrush)

EXPERTISE: SEO, Content Marketing, Competitor Analysis

X (TWITTER) FOLLOWERS: @Olgandrienko 14.3K followers

YOUTUBE: via SEMrush 258K subscribers

Landing in 7th place is Olga Andrienko, VP of Brand Marketing at SEMrush, and an authoritative voice when it comes to SEO, content marketing, and competitive analysis. SEMrush's blog and Olga's contributions therein offer actionable insights backed by research and data. Her Twitter feed provides updates on industry trends and noteworthy case studies. Following Olga allows marketers to tap into the expertise of one of the leading SEO tool providers in the world.

Top 6: Gary Vaynerchuk

EXPERTISE: Social media marketing, Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding

X (TWITTER) FOLLOWERS: @garyvee 3.1M followers

YOUTUBE: @garyvee 4.18M subscribers

Gary Vaynerchuk, often known as Gary Vee, transcends industries with his expertise in social media marketing and personal branding. While not exclusively an SEO expert, his insights are invaluable for marketers aiming to create a strong online presence. Gary's no-nonsense, motivational approach resonates with entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses from the ground up. His focus on storytelling and authenticity can greatly complement any SEO and digital marketing strategies.

Top 5: Dr. Marie Haynes

EXPERTISE: Google algorithms, Penalty recovery, Technical SEO

X (TWITTER) FOLLOWERS: @Marie_Haynes 69.7K followers

YOUTUBE: @Marie_Haynes 2.75K subscribers

Climbing to the 5th spot is Marie Haynes, a respected authority on Google algorithms and penalty recovery. With a background in veterinary medicine, she brings a methodical and analytical approach to her SEO strategies. Marie's Twitter feed is a go-to source for staying updated on Google's algorithm updates and their potential impacts. Her expertise in diagnosing and recovering from Google penalties offers valuable guidance to marketers navigating tricky algorithmic waters.

Top 4: Brian Dean

EXPERTISE: SEO, Link Building, Content Marketing

X (TWITTER) FOLLOWERS: @BrianEDean 126K followers

YOUTUBE: @BrianDean 529K subscribers

Brian Dean's coined term "skyscraper technique" revolutionised link-building strategies. His blog, Backlinko (now acquired by $SEMR), is a goldmine of actionable advice for marketers looking to enhance their SEO efforts. Brian's charisma shines through in his YouTube videos, where he dissects intricate SEO concepts with simplicity. His insights on on-page SEO, user experience, and content optimization are especially remarkable.

Top 3: Tim Soulo (Ahrefs)

EXPERTISE: SEO, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis

X (TWITTER) FOLLOWERS: @timsoulo 45.8K followers

YOUTUBE: via @ahrefsCom 428K subscribers

While Ahrefs is widely known for its powerful SEO toolkit, Tim Soulo, the Chief Marketing Officer, is the face behind the brand's insightful content. Tim's expertise revolves around demystifying the complexities of backlink analysis, keyword research, and competitive analysis. His YouTube channel hosts tutorials that reveal the hidden gems within the Ahrefs tool, allowing marketers to fully leverage its capabilities.

Top 2: Rand Fishkin

EXPERTISE: SEO, Content Marketing, Entrepreneurship

X (TWITTER) FOLLOWERS: @randfish 465K followers

YOUTUBE: via @Moz 428K subscribers

One place shy from the top spot is Rand Fishkin,the co-founder of Moz and SparkToro, and considered a pioneer in the SEO world. His Whiteboard Friday series on Moz's blog and YouTube channel has educated countless marketers on SEO best practices. Rand's strength lies in his ability to analyse algorithm changes and trends in the industry, providing actionable insights to adapt strategies accordingly. His transparency about the challenges and successes he's experienced as an entrepreneur adds a relatable touch to all his content.

Top 1: Neil Patel

EXPERTISE: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy

X (TWITTER) FOLLOWERS: @neilpatel 447K followers

YOUTUBE: @neilpatel 1.19M subscribers

Clinching the most coveted place is Neil Patel - a name that has become synonymous with digital marketing excellence. With over two decades of experience, he is a bona fide thought leader in the industry. A New York Times bestselling author and heralded as one of the top 10 marketer by Forbes, Neil is known for his transparent approach, frequently sharing case studies and data-driven insights to support his strategies. His blog is a treasure trove of actionable advice on SEO, content marketing, and social media. His YouTube channel hosts tutorials and in-depth guides that cater to marketers of all levels. Neil's expertise lies in simplifying complex concepts and making them accessible to and meaningful for everyone.

For the influencers that made it to our list, they earned their spots for plenty of reasons apart from their huge following: it’s their experience, wisdom, transparency, and community-building skills that made each one of them a source of influence and actionable insights that make us navigate the world of digital marketing with confidence and ease. By following their advice, we can manage our efforts toward achieving super remarkable results in each SEO campaign!

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