Top 4 YouTube content ideas that could go viral in 2023

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Top 4 YouTube content ideas that could go viral in 2023

Did you know that YouTube is the second most visited website globally? YouTube is home to over a billion videos, and every month it hosts some 2 billion logged in users. It is no surprise that many content creators choose YouTube as their chief content publishing tool as it not only gives a platform to pursue their passion, but also to earn a lot of money.

In this blog, we round up the top 4 YouTube content ideas and trends that have a high probability of yielding amazing results for your brand or business this 2023:


We’re suckers for happy endings and feel-good stories. So it’s not surprising that a content strategy that seeks to pull at people’s heartstrings can yield a lot of positive results. With over 127 million subscribers, MrBeast, the top YouTube content creator, knows this strategy inside and out.

The generous acts don’t even require maudlin backstories. MrBeast typically uses the game show format to make amazing content and reward the lucky bunch who can weather and win his challenges.The allure of this type of content comes from the vicarious thrill of winning lottery-level prizes e.g. million dollars, expensive gadgets, and two years ago, a Lamborghini Aventador. In 2022 alone, MrBeast was estimated to have given away more than $3 million in YouTube challenge prizes.

Many smaller YouTube influencers have been replicating this content genre, with extremely favourable outcomes. This year, expect more philanthropic content from newer content creators, each one adding their creative spins on the format, as well as the ‘prizes.’


Before 2022 drew to a close, YouTube was abuzz with content about AI-generated content and its many ethical and legal implications, especially concerning copyright. Artificial intelligence has since leached into every activity imaginable such as image generation, art creation, content writing, and most notably, search — with ChatGPT being under the spotlight.

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an experimental AI chatbot that innovates the way we do search, which could possibly change the way traditional search engines are built. It is known for its capability to answer queries as if you’re talking to a human being.

As more users catch wind of ChatGPT, we may see a bunch of YouTube videos where the hosts play and experiment with its capabilities, with some using ChatGPT to hold conversations with, tell jokes, or even write sonnets on the spot. Give it time and more content creators will jump on the ChatGPT train in 2023 and make videos that chronicle their funny and interesting encounters with ChatGPT and similar technologies!


As more economies open their borders and tourists feel more comfortable travelling again, we expect many YouTube vloggers and influencers to usher in the resurgence of more exciting hotel and travel content.

People will look on YouTube for travel news and inspiration as a response to being holed up at home and within the country for more than two years. With money to kick around, they’re likely to do “revenge travel” and splurge on awesome vacation destinations with their partners, family, or friends.

In their content, influencers will tell us which new travel destinations have opened or reopened, the hotel and lodging rates, exhilarating activities around the area, and other travel do's and don'ts. This 2023, more viewers will see themselves consuming more travel content from vloggers they trust and follow.


The world just came wounded and bruised by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Gyms and fitness centres felt the scourge of the Covid-19 hard as they were part of the many industries deemed non-essential by governments worldwide, and were therefore ordered to suspend operations.

People came out of the last 2 years with a renewed assessment of the state of their health and mortality, and any fitness-oriented content can step in to support and guide people of this new paradigm and mindset.

In 2023, YouTube will become an excellent platform for the health and fitness pundits to create life-transforming content and gain a huge following in the process. For successful fitness content creators who came well ahead in the YouTube game like Chloe Ting and Jeff Cavaliere (of Athlean-X), some of them have earned millions of subscribers and have unlocked business and networking opportunities as a result of their lifestyle videos. You can try your own luck by putting out fitness-oriented content this year and see what it can do to your personal brand or small business.

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