Seven Websites to Bookmark If you’re an SEO Specialist

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Seven Websites to Bookmark If you’re an SEO Specialist

In our previous blog, we rounded up the top influencers to follow if you’re an SEO specialist. But your learning path doesn’t end by following the right people on Twitter or YouTube, it can also extend to authoritative websites that provide the same, or even greater, opportunities for improving your SEO strategy and techniques.

Today, we give a rundown of 7 websites that are reliable sources of information essential to sharpening your skills and maintaining your competitive edge as an SEO professional:


When it comes to SEO authority, nothing comes close to Moz. For many years, Moz has become an indispensable resource for SEO specialists of any skill, old or new. From Whiteboard Friday videos to the Moz blog, the articles, guides, and tools that the platform offers runs the gamut - from technical SEO to content marketing. Moz also gives valuable industry reports and surveys, making it a digital Mecca for anyone keen on staying updated on SEO trends.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is one of the must-visit sites for SEO news, tips, and insights. The platform boasts of a Mount Rushmore of industry experts who regularly contribute articles about recent algorithmic changes, content strategies, and case studies. The diversity of topics covered by SEJ ensures that every visit to the site brings something informative and useful to your SEO skill set.

Neil Patel’s Blog

If you’ve been an SEO specialist for quite some time, you’ll recognize Neil Patel’s name in a heartbeat. As he is a digital marketing guru, his blog is truly a rich repository of marketing wisdom. Neil Patel can simplify the most complex topics and his intense data-savvy creeps into every insight and advice he gives to his followers. From beginner-friendly guides to advanced SEO tactics, Neil Patel’s blog will always deliver!

Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is one of the leading tools that SEO specialists wield in performing audits and optimising websites. It comes as no surprise that their in-house blog is a treasure trove of SEO excellence. Its blog features articles cover a wide range of SEO topics, with a focus on backlink analysis, keyword research, and competitive analysis. Furthermore, it provides in-depth tutorials, case studies, and insights that equip SEO specialists to make data-driven decisions.

SEMrush Blog

The list won’t be complete without the inclusion of the SEMrush Blog. An incredibly useful hub for SEO knowledge, the blog covers a wide range of topics, from technical SEO, SEM strategy, content marketing and beyond! If you’re in need of another invaluable resource of digital marketing knowledge, The SEMrush blog is one website !you need to bookmark for easy access and consumption!

HubSpot Blog

Particularly its marketing section, HubSpot Blog’s content centres around practical and actionable tips that SEO specialists can integrate into their broader marketing strategies. Not to mention, Hubspot is known for its powerful all-in-one CRM platform and has helped more than 184K businesses in attracting, engaging, and delighting their customers. On top of the helpful blogs, Hubspot also provides free learning courses and certifications that any specialist can benefit from to stay abreast of the trends in SEO, strategy, and content marketing.

Google Search Central Blog

If you want to delve more about the development tasks necessary to complete your optimisation strategy, the Google Search Central Blog is the top resource you should first visit. On it, you can catch wind of algorithm changes, new Google search features, and technical SEO best practices. This makes Google Search Central blog an essential tab on your bookmarks list - insights directly from the source!

In the ever-changing landscape of SEO, staying informed is a fundamental key to one’s success. The above websites got you covered, as each offers a wealth of knowledge, insights, and resources for any SEO-related topic.

If you ever need a team of experts in digital marketing, the SEO Premier team has got you covered too! From the simplest concept to the most advanced one, we can translate learnings and insights into wins and positive outcomes! Book a free consultation call with us today!

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