Put your Business on the Map (Guide to Google My Business Page Optimisation)

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Put your Business on the Map (Guide to Google My Business Page Optimisation)

For brick-and-mortar stores, nothing is more important for business owners than to make more people aware and locate where their business is situated. Decades ago, we relied on Yellow Pages, but as most businesses went digital in the last decade, staying on print isn’t the most sustainable advertising strategy.

If you ask any digital marketer specialising in local optimisation, creating and optimising your Google My Business page is a significant ranking factor that you might ignore at your peril. This SEO Premier Blog serves as your hand-holding partner in growing your business through Google My Business and other means to unlock digital marketing success within your local space.

Why Google My Business?

Lest we forget, Google remains to be the leading search engine in the world. If you want to raise increased awareness of your brand, having an optimised Google My Business profile is one surefire way to do it. A Google My Business page contains your website, location, contact details, products and services, as well as reviews.

The one thing you should pay close attention to is how your business generates reviews, whether positive or negative. According to Digital Marketing Depot, 81% of consumers use Google to locate and find out more about local businesses. And if what they see on your profile isn’t inviting, it’s safe to say you have lost revenue opportunities from that.

Ratings and Rankings: What’s the Connection?

Having an active Google My Business Page adds social proof and legitimacy to your business. Especially if your page is full of positive reviews, it’ll attract more prospects to try your products or services. Their presence makes your business look more trustworthy. If your website is published, voila! You can easily earn additional referral traffic. If done right, you can unlock a host of benefits out of your Google My Business profile:

  • Improved Word-of-Mouth

If you’re a startup business, it’s almost a herculean task to build awareness around your brand. It’s a good idea to ask your first delighted customers to rate your product or service on your Google My Business page. A review from a super happy customer can boost your virtual word-of-mouth campaign. You can ask for it in person, email, a call to action from your website, or a text message (SMS).

  • Increased Conversions

When a prospect sees positive reviews and high ratings from past customers, they’re more likely to engage with your business, either to click through your website, call, or drive up to your store!

  • Improved Sales

As your conversions climb, some of those will translate into inquiries and sales. Your brand will experience a bump in revenue too!

Doing Google My Business Right!

If you want to reap all the above benefits, it takes more than just claiming your business on Google My Business. It’s ensuring that your profile is complete and correct, updating your website, contact numbers, and social media channels, and responding to feedback when needed.

For you to get authentic positive reviews, ask for them promptly. The best opportunities include the following:

  • Immediately after a customer buys the product or receives the service.
  • If an employee had a positive interaction with a particular customer.
  • If an employee was able to be of help to a customer, and expressed delight over the experience.

Making the review request straightforward and at the right time can earn you a glowing endorsement. Keep fine-tuning your product and provide excellent customer service and soon you’ll rack up those rewarding reviews without asking!

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