Our 5 digital marketing predictions for 2020

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Our 5 digital marketing predictions for 2020

And just like that, we’ve finally entered the new year. SO much happened in the last decade, and we cannot wait to see what comes our way next. To get us all prepped, we thought it would be rude not to predict what’s upcomingin the world of digital marketing.

More money, more budgets, more data

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Data strategy budgets will hit an all-time high in 2020. We think this year there will be more data-driven marketing than ever before. Marketers will lean towards machine learning and automation to deliver successful results. Through this, we can see how to target consumers to their personal needs rather than the usual, broad audience. Which leads to our next prediction…


Traditional marketing is out the door, and if we want tosucceed in 2020 with digital marketing, it truly must tap into a more personalised approach. We have become smarter with our marketing techniques, and with more budgets into data, we can tap straight into personalised tacticsto engage consumers. This year, marketers will be personalising each experiencefor consumers to see the growth of their campaigns and convert visitors tocustomers.

Temporary content will continue to rise

We have grown very custom to mindlessly tapping through Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories. In fact, half a billion people watch Instagram stories every day. That’s something we cannot ignore.

Ephemeral content is content that is available only for a short duration of time, then it disappears forever afterwards. Short forms of content require not much attention from users, and that is why stories are so popular. The way people consume content has shifted, to be fast, short and temporary – just like our attention spans. We are now SO used to scrolling through thatwe don’t realise that every third story is actually a sponsored story. The more “human” these ads look, the better results they will receive, and what better way to spread these ads, than through stories.

Consumer experienceand inclusive marketing

Users, customers and consumers all want much more than information about a product or service. What really matters to them is the brands perspective on real-life and real-world issues.

Marketers will do their best in achieving a positive consumer experience online, and offline. This means consumers are interested to know how that brand positively contributes to issues like diversity, climate change, and sustainability, as these are the issues that matter to them. Brands that are transparent with their support to these matters online and through their marketing campaigns are more likely to grow and be favoured!

Say goodbye to likes!

As we saw last year, both Facebook and Instagram have made the number of likes now a private feature! This has shifted our attention from looking at the numbers to now looking at the actual content and engaging with one another. A very positive change to say the least from the two largest socials, and with this addition, we predict this year is all CONTENT focused. This means quality content spread across all socials, and digital media outlets as our attention is now here. Something to think about when developing your next marketing campaign.

There you have it, our 5 digital marketing predictions for 2020! Strap in tight, because we think that this year is going to be a blast! Get cracking!

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