Combining AI with SEO: Revving up your Strategy with Automation

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Combining AI with SEO: Revving up your Strategy with Automation

With many more industries jumping aboard the SEO train, and billions of websites vying for the top spot on the SERPs, it’s harder than ever to achieve SEO success in the space you’d like to own. And with the advent of artificial intelligence, it opened new possibilities for marketing firms and businesses in revolutionising how SEO tasks are carried out.

Yes! The fantastic news is AI can assist you in practically every phase in your SEO roadmap. In this SEO Premier Blog, we make several cases for why one should learn how to use AI in accomplishing most of the tasks and discover the many benefits it brings to your campaign, and to the business.


In what forms and ways can AI help you execute your SEO strategy to success? Here are some of the areas where you can supercharge your processes with the powers of AI and automation:


Conducting a website audit was often seen as an intimidating task. But with the proliferation of AI tools, they can now scan and analyse a website’s on-page elements and provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to further optimise them, from meta tags, headings, url structures to content, image alt texts, link profiles, and more! These tools will ensure that each on-page ranking signal follows the best SEO practices.


AI-driven competitor analysis tools can scrape data from various sources and assess competitors' strategies, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This information empowers your business to fine-tune your own SEO strategies and gain a competitive edge.


Manual used to be the preferred method for accurate keyword research. Today, there’s a wealth of AI tools that are highly adept at consolidating keyword research reports for you or your clients. They can even go as far as knowing how to detect user intent and identify high-performing keywords related to a topic. Such AI tools not only speed up the keyword research process, they can also help you target keywords, thereby increasing your chances of ranking high in the SERPs.


Quality content remains to be the currency in any SEO campaign. Despite the ethical challenges of using AI, it’s indisputable that AI tools are super reliable in creating content in just a few prompts. Furthermore, it can help content managers to optimise content by suggesting relevant keywords, tweaking it to a specific tone, proofread for grammar errors, and improve its readability - anything that will make the content favourable to both users and search engines.


AI algorithms can evaluate user behaviour on websites, which in turn determine factors that influence engagement and bounce rates. Through this, your brand can improve user experience by optimising website layouts, enhancing page load speeds, and offering frictionless user journeys, all of which positively impact SEO rankings.


AI-powered SEO tools will allow your business to track your keyword rankings on SERPs - in real-time no less! By regularly monitoring your campaign’s performance, AI can create comprehensive reports and alerts, helping you make data-driven decisions and respond swiftly to any movements or fluctuations in rankings.


  1. Speed and Efficiency

Because AI-powered tools can automate replicable processes and even time-consuming tasks, AI can be your friend in delivering faster value creation to your business or your clients. When you move such tasks out of the way, you can better delegate more strategic SEO activities to your resources. The speed and efficiency of integrating AI into your marketing efforts will lead to faster growth and results.

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making

If there’s another thing that AI can do in flying colours, it is that it can crunch massive amounts of data at break-neck speeds, giving you and your team valuable insights and trends about the SEO landscape. When you make decisions based on data, you avoid guesswork and can make informed choices about your strategy. When you make data lead the way, it’ll increase the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

  1. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Aside from processing vast amounts of data with speed and accuracy, AI-powered tools have the ability to learn from the data and generate new and original content. By keeping yourself abreast of this technology and using AI wisely, your brand can stay relevant and remain competitive in this ever-changing industry.

  1. Affordability

The initial investment for AI tools may be steep, but the long-term benefits of employing such tools will far outweigh the costs at the get go. By investing in high quality tools, businesses can reduce manual labour, especially non-value adding tasks for SEO.

Are you prepared to unlock the game-changing potential of artificial intelligence? At SEO Premier, we can help empower your business by recommending digital solutions that integrate the power of automation to achieve your goals, whether to get higher rankings, attract more leads, drive organic traffic, or improve conversion.

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