3 ways to successfully drive a digital marketing strategy through difficult times

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3 ways to successfully drive a digital marketing strategy through difficult times

It seems like the COVID-19 crisis is here to stay for a while. It’s a difficult stage for all businesses and industries across the world because there is no ending in sight. Instead of focusing on this, now is the right time to completely rejuvenate as a business and put in place an effective digital marketing strategy.

During lockdown and self-isolation, there has been a significant increase of people spending more time with their devices. Compared to this time last year, there is an increase of 7.1% (301 million) of internet users and a huge 76% increase of people spending time on their smartphone or mobile phone.

What can we do with this data you ask?

That’s what we’re here for!

In short terms, keep your digital marketing strategies going! Online is increasing and is not slowing down. Invest all your time and energy into digital, because if it wasn’t the new normal before, it definitely is now.

We’ve chosen a handful of ways to enhance your digital marketing strategy, and work with (not against) the situation at hand.

Keep your SEO!

If you don’t have SEO incorporated in your digital marketing campaign, you literally cannot wait any longer. With the entire globe relying on the internet and their smartphones, your business NEEDS to be available this way.

The last thing you want to do is stop an SEO campaign. You might think that this is not a huge cut down, however if you don’t continue to optimize your content and keep up your SEO strategy, this could result in a huge loss of business and revenue.

During the crisis, give your website a revamp. Push for a fresh SEO campaign. See what’s working and what isn’t. Keep an eye out for trending keywords and pages on your website that rank well. Now is the time to kick into gear and use your SEO to its full potential.

Think about it, your competitors are vulnerable and fearful. They probably have taken the easy option and have pulled back on SEO. This means you have less competitors online. What an opportunity to lead in your industry and claim that first rank on Google. There is no better time for SEO, so make sure you use it wisely. Strengthen your SEO campaign, outrank your competitors and secure your position to bounce back faster from COVID-19.

Personalise your content

Right now, everyone could use a little human connection. This is why we have made sure to connect on a personal level with all of our clients, and their customers.

Complete isolation can lead to people feeling really distressed, and this is a chance for your business to help someone in need. Ask your customers what type of content they’d like to see, because they are your most valuable source. Create interactive content catered specifically to your audience and keep them engaged.

Our social media strategy has shifted from a results point of view, to a more genuine and human perspective. How do we know this? We’ve seen the stats! Online content activities include 90% watching online videos and a huge 50% watching Vlogs, a video blog of someone’s life or opinions. We can take two things from this – video content and personalisation. It’s as easy as grabbing your phone, and recording a short video about you, your business, and how you are coping.

What is your business niche? Make it work for those struggling at home. Any industry can benefit from a social media strategy that is based on authenticity. People are genuinely WAITING for fresh content to be uploaded, take advantage of this. Share some useful video content, share an uplifting story, go Live on Instagram, or share a recipe on your Facebook. Whatever you do, make content useful, interactive and sharable. Keep consistent with this, and you will notice a loyal following growing on your social platforms.

Adjust your business to the circumstances

We cannot stress this enough. MEET YOUR CUSTOMER NEEDS!

Move fast and adapt to the current climate. We aren’t sure how long the crisis will last, so in the meantime your role is to adjust. Make your product, service or business accessible for your customer’s needs. Someone wants your business or product, give it to them. Like our last tip, make sure you are asking your customer what problems they have faced, and brainstorm ways you can help them.

Whether that be investing in a new eCommerce website, updating your social media strategy or launching an entirely new product, these are all ways businesses can use digital marketing in assisting their business adjust to the coronavirus pandemic.

The most important thing as a business right now, is offering a sense of trust and loyalty. Adjust and meet customer needs with empathy and concern. People will remember your business if you care about them in the toughest of times.

You’ve always asked for just some extra time to work on your digital marketing plan. Guess what? You’ve got it, now USE IT! If you are looking for a helping hand to navigate your digital marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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