Penguin 2.0 Update

Penguin 2.0 has been released into the wild this week with Google attempting to introduce further restrictions against web spam. The idea behind the update is certainly one which is required however the instant success is certainly questionable; we will have to see how the results continue to develop over the coming weeks.

The general theme so far is that Porn, Gaming, Gambling websites have been hit the hardest which should come as no surprise really, many would suggest that these kind of sites should automatically be filtered efficiently within Google algorithm. However the need for an update was decided by top brass and that is what we have, many genuine sites have felt the benefit of this through the odd increase but the general consensus across most SEO’s is the roll out of a beefed up Penguin could have been better targeted at poor SEO methodology rather than poor website nature.

EDM (exact domain match) results are still strong despite Google switching off this part of its algorithmic criteria in 2012 which is another area which could have been targeted. Domain age and authority are also questionable as to their influence on a sites ranking. Surely we should be moving away from how old your website is and what it’s name is; we should focus more on better content, user engagement, social activity and a high quality link presence across relative mediums.
But there we go, Porn and Gaming we must settle for!

It’s vital our research and development personnel keep right on top of these events and any algorithmic changes are tailored to our strategies so that SEO Premier remains ahead of the game in terms of methodology. The level of research and planning which goes into our client campaigns cannot be underestimated and we continue to push forward in this competitive online market place despite our favourite search engine focusing more on glasses and self driving cars than it does on returning the most relative and high quality results for its clients.. us!

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