Paid vs organic search results: does the difference matter?

When you are first starting out on your SEO journey organic result, paid search and Adwords are often thrown around. Often the results from paid and organic search differ greatly and it can be difficult to discern which results are better for your business and what you should be investing more heavily in.


Unfortunately, there is no real straight answer because paid and organic search are made to go together, rather than work against each other. But they both have different approaches.


Organic search is a long-term strategy that will yield more consistent, long-term results over a period of months and years. On the other hand, paid search is definitely more short-term with results being almost instant and there is the added benefit of only paying for successful search results that potential customers actually click to visit your site.


The results for paid and organic search won’t always be the same but that difference doesn’t necessarily matter. Often times, the difference in results can be used to analyse keyword success and effective SEO tactics to develop an improved SEO strategy.


At the end of the day paid v organic search is truly just a personal preference and there isn’t really one that’s ‘better’ than the other but it is definitely worthwhile to use both paid and organic search simultaneously to get the best results possible.

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