Paid search or search engine marketing (SEM) can be run in tandem with any SEO campaign, most commonly used to compliment not replace SEO. In fact, paid search can make your current SEO campaign more effective by adopting contrasting strategy.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows for instant visibility, boosting your website to the forefront of the search engine results page using Google Ads. It can also be incredibly cost-effective when used correctly as you only pay for successful ads, keeping you in control of your cost and ROI.


SEO Premier has been a Google Certified Partner since 2014.

Statistically the ROI on an SEO campaign outweighs that of PPC campaign however the benefits of running both forms of search marketing together are huge in paying attention to both short term and long term marketing goals. Our team of paid search specialists develop insight-driven PPC campaigns to drive users to your website.


Search ads are perhaps the most common paid search that is used on Google Ads. Search Ads allow your page to rank on Page 1 when a consumer searches for the product or service that you offer. There is also the added benefit of paying for the Page 1 ranking when people click to visit your website. Our PPC experts work with you to set a budget and optimise results to generate a cost-effective ROI.


Designed to deliver immediate sales with Google matching relevant products from your website feed to user search queries in the Shopping section of the search results. Conversion rate is notoriously high and cost per acquisition naturally lower than search ads.


Remarketing ads operate similarly to display ads and often have a similar appearance, however, rather than targeting new customers, remarketing ads target individuals that have searched for your products or services and visited your website previously. This is a highly effective and very cost efficient method to increase conversions as the leads we are pulling back to the site are already warm.


Video Ads are run through Google’s sibling, YouTube. These ads are played prior to or during YouTube videos, ensuring views and engagement from users. Video ads are managed through Google AdWords allowing the same amount of control and analysis that other forms of paid search such as demographic targeting, displaying content based off video type or even using remarketing to showcase video to previous website visitors.

Effective PPC management and efficient SEM campaigns allows for your business to gain both short and long-term results when combined with an organic SEO strategy.


Social Media provides a digital platform to build your following and generate positive awareness for your brand.


Drive large numbers of engaged users to your website through demographically targeted content marketing.


With detailed Analytic Tracking you can accurately track shopping and sales conversions from social campaigns.

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Let's get down to business...

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