Organic Search vs. Paid Search

This is a debate done to death but the question still gets asked daily; which is better SEO or PPC?

Well firstly we have to determine what you mean by ‘better’.

Do we mean more cost effective, more sustainable, more likely to take traffic, greater ROI? Put frankly SEO has won every round there and is on course for a KO victory.

We know thanks to some excellent research that Organic results yield over 94% of all search queries. The vast majority of the population are sceptical of paid advertising on Google and understand that paying the search engine doesn’t necessarily mean you are the best result for the searcher. The complexity of Google’s algorithm does the job for the consumer and more times than not returns the best organic results available which are more trusted by Google’s customers.

The demographic of the PPC clickers is almost even on gender, slightly tilted towards female, but more importantly older with 65% of users aged 35+. This is key for conversion to sale as although there may only be 6% of users clicking PPC but more than likely those 6% would yield a much higher conversion to sale as they are in the purchasing demographic. So we cannot discount PPC completely.

It’s very much down to personal preference but the facts state overwhelmingly that SEO ticks all of the boxes whilst PPC papers over the cracks. It’s been said that SEO is an investment, PPC is a cost. Ultimately when building an organic ranking profile you are investing into an online business model which is sustainable and can be built upon. When paying for PPC we are paying for instant success but one which demands constant and heavy costs to upkeep whilst always holding control over your potential.

If you rank #1 in the paid listings you can still only take as much traffic as you have paid for before your ad disappears. If you rank #1 in the organic listings you are free to take as much traffic as possible, bringing you a much greater ROI.

The debate will rage on and on but the opinion of SEO Premier is this; you invest into SEO and into building an organic profile which can take your business to the next level online. You pay for Google AdWords and you are just buying leads with a glass ceiling always in place.

Our nugget of knowledge is this – Do both!

Would love to enter into some debate on this so please feel to connect or engage.

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