Online Reputation Management – What is it?

Despite the array of benefits provided to business owners online there are also certain drawback which need to be managed in order to protect a brands image. Platforms such as search engines and social media provide businesses with new avenues for business but also with new ways of negativity arising, often unfounded or unjustified.

The problem is that anybody can create a profile online and post about your company anonymously with freedom and without fear of being held to account. Derogatory comments, libelous accusations or even just straight up lies can be posted about your company and bar contacting the webmaster to have these removed there is not much more can be done.
It’s not just businesses either its individuals. You may have an article written about you which you’d rather keep out of view or even photos on your social profiles which you want to remain only visible to your friends, not the entire world. How do we go about protecting these peoples integrity online?

Well Online Reputation Management is a service which has been around a while now and one which is always growing in demand. We cannot simply delete things we do not like on the internet but what we can do it use SEO to remove things from the direct eye line of the browser. Moving the website, article, picture or whatever it is off the 1st page of Google and down the search results takes the headache away from yourself and gives a huge reduction in readership making the source almost invisible to anybody who doesn’t know about it.
So what are 3 key steps to achieving this:

1. Create a number of platforms related to topic we are looking to negate; these platforms can be blogs, domains, social profiles etc. Something which provides a base to work from.

2. Start distribution pro topic content. Regularly feed out positive content relation to your brand which starts to build a profile for your platforms.

3. Use SEO to enhance your platforms and to pull them up the search results therefore populating the 1st Page of Google with friendly, positive content about your brand and as a result dropping the target site off and down into the depths of the search results for nobody to see.

Once you have achieved the goal of removing the negative source from view you must remain on top of your positive profiles to ensure that there is not a resurgence in ranking from our target site. But the end goal is one of more comfort for companies to operate online without fear of brand damaging data being fed to their consumers.
If you would like to enquire about the possibility of protecting your brand online please get in touch with one of our specialists to arrange a consultation.

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