One mistake that cost millions, the importance of SEO.

Okay, WOW! This story just proves how crucial it is to get your SEO right the first time!

The film industry have taken it upon themselves to learn a thing or two about SEO – and we are LOVING sitting back and watching this all unfold.

It’s been announced that the new Warner Brothers movie called Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) has had a title change to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

After a disappointing opening weekend, according to Entertainment Weekly, theatres in the US have changed the title of the film on their websites to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey for SEO purposes!  

The theory for the extremely low box office numbers is that viewers must not have realised that the film Birds of Prey follows Margot Robbie’s character from Suicide Squad, the fan favourite, Harley Quinn.

Deadline reported that Warner Bros. distributors suggested the change to help with “SEO optimizations, searches and ticket reader boards”. A step in the right direction if you ask us!

In all honesty, we are cheering for that one guy in the board room that has probably been screaming from the start that the movie should be titled “Harley Quinn”. You go man! At last, you can turn around and tell ‘em “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Some speculated that it truly was Warner Brothers that opted for the name change, but now recent sources have revealed that right now only US theatres have made the name on their websites.

A very smart move by cinemas to highlight the movie specific to what users online were searching for. Fans would be typing in “Harley Quinn” or “Suicide Squad Harley Quinn” and may not have been seeing the movie they were after. Search engine algorithms change all the time, aiming for more seamless user experiences, and giving them the most accurate results to their search – which would not have been Birds of Prey because of its absence of Harley Quinn in the title.

This theory is yet to be confirmed by Warner Brothers as the reason for the change of the title, BUT we’re 100% sure it’s got something to do with it!

A lesson to learnt for all of us using SEO in businesses. Being specific, short and particular on your websites is what works best. Having a clear and exact title in your field and your industry will definitely drive results and traction to your website. Use this in your SEO, and we’re sure you will see some positive results! Learn more about on our website.

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