New Facebook algorithm cut businesses from your newsfeed

You may have noticed slight changes in your Facebook newsfeed this past week, a few more photos of friends and a little less obtrusive advertising. Your prayers have finally been answered with Facebook’s latest news feed algorithm.


The update was explained in a lengthy status posted to Mark Zuckerberg’s own Facebook page in which the founder announced a renewed focus on building connections between users. Content that encourages meaningful interaction between users will be prioritised whilst individuals will see “less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media”.


Whilst this algorithm update is great news for users that primarily use the platform to stay connected with friends and family, it does pose difficulties for businesses that are currently operating on Facebook. During the rollout period brands can experience a decrease in reach, engagement and calls to action as this new algorithm reduces their consumer impact.


Businesses that will be hit particularly hard are those operating largely on the digital landscape with a high percentage of their advertising spend concentrated on Facebook.


Whether numbers will increase over time as the algorithm becomes established is unknown, however, for brands operating online, other social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are viable options to account for the drop in Facebook metrics.

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