Moving forward with mobile

With last Tuesday’s update behind us and the rollout well underway, some have begun to feel the heat in rankings while others carry on, business as usual. Keeping users and the update in the forefront, many scrambled to optimise websites, enlarge buttons, increase load times and establish zoom free webpages. These fixes saved a few from mobile ranking exile but will these efforts withstand the long-term challenges of a mobile marketer? Keeping your business in the race is one thing but if you intend to come out victorious and reap the endless benefits of mobile traffic you may want to take your optimisation further.

Content first

Regardless of medium, content still reigns. You’ll have to keep an eye on the length of your paragraphs and be mindful of the clarity of your work but don’t negate the importance of relevant and structured messages. Include important keywords in your content and format your headlines in an SEO-embracing manner. As an extremely visual medium, adding imagery can be beneficial, just make sure your images are both optimised and tagged for maximised visibility.

Front and centre

Once you’ve established your content, keep your lead front and centre stage. Make sure the most important aspects of your content are prominently displayed, keeping everything above the fold. Your audience or consumer shouldn’t be subject to a tiresome amount of scrolling. Stick to the inverted pyramid and cover the important stuff up front, address what matters to your audience as early as possible.

Be seen

Though one might think the Internet’s endless possibilities would provide enough visibility for everyone, it’s simply not the case. Mobile real estate, in all its glory, is limited. If you want to be the first property on display you’ll have to make every word count. Marketers are no strangers to strong headlines that appeal or persuade viewership; the introduction to your mobile content should be no different. Beyond your headline, businesses must include an enticing and bold call to action upfront. Optimisation is more than just creating bigger buttons, your call to action should be appealing and ensure desired conversions are easily completed on a mobile.

For viewing pleasures

Taking it a step further, if you’re looking to revitalize an existing marketing campaign which extends a little further than keywords you may want to consider the flourishing world of mobile online video. With over 50% of YouTube content accessed by mobile users, marketer’s who haven’t explored mobile online video might be missing the mark. Research conducted by Google reveals that not only are attention spans better over mobile but users are actually more likely to share and connect to advertisements on branded videos.

As more and more consumers begin their search for information, services and products online it’s important to ensure you’re giving your business the greatest opportunity for visibility and traffic. Though these are just some small steps towards maximising mobile impact, they are your first steps to competing in the mobile search realm and cannot be overstated.





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