They make how much?!

Social media influencers – we’ve all seen them in their perfectly curated candid pictures as we scroll through our Instagram feed advertising one product or another.


If you’re an aspiring social media influencer, business owner or a curious social media user, you may be asking the elusive question – how much do social influencers make?


Because when you see these millennial aged influencers buying mansions, fast cars and designer clothes you can’t help but wonder how much they could possibly be earning by posting images on Instagram.


The short answer is it depends.


The long answer is that it depends on your follower count, your preferred platforms, your own personal branding, your engagement with your following and a few other things.


The two most popular platforms for social media influencers to develop a following are Instagram and YouTube. A recent report revealed that YouTube offers the better sponsorship offers as opposed to Instagram but Instagram is by far the easier platform to develop a following with far less technical skills and practice required for success. What many social media influencers prefer to do is develop a strong following on their Instagram accounts and transition to YouTube taking this following with them.


But both platforms won’t be particularly successful without your following. If you assumed that more followers = more money then you are absolutely correct. TRIBE founder Georgie Cavanagh broke down the average earning of social media influencers based on their follower count and honestly, where do we sign up?


  • 3K – 10K = $75 – $150
  • 10K – 25K = $150 – $250
  • 25K – 50K = $220 – $350
  • 50K – 100K = $350 – $500
  • 100K+ = $500+


And that is on top of the all the free PR samples and packages that influencers receive. Of course the type of packages and sponsorships you receive are completely based on your brand that you have based your following around. If you are a fitness influencer expect activewear, health food products, supplements and workout accessories. Beauty influencers on the other hand are likely to be sent makeup, skincare and body care.


But what about the BIG influencers with millions of followers – the Tammy Hembrow, Alexis Ren (11.8m) or Manny MUA aka Manny Gutierrez’s (4.4m) of Instagram who’s followers are in the millions? Their sponsorship fees are considerably higher than smaller influencers and it definitely reflects in their lifestyle. What is interesting about these influencers is that they aren’t famous in the conventional sense – they’re not movie stars, singers or even models. They’re just people that were creating content that social media loved to consume.


Tammy Hembrow is one of the best examples, the half-Trinidadian and half-Australian mum of two amassed a following of 7.9 million followers and launched her own activewear line Saski Collection by posting her fitness results and life as a mother. So, how much does an influencer like Tammy Hembrow make through social media? The jury is still out but based on a minimum engagement rate, Tammy could be earning $73,000 a year just on the ads displayed before and during her YouTube videos. Additional sponsorships for top influencers have the potential to reach up to $150,000 for ONE Instagram post. That’s excluding income from her own clothing brand.


That’s already more than most people earn in an entire year and if that doesn’t want to make you want to become a social media influencer then I don’t know what does.


Keep an eye out for the SEO Premier Social Media Guide, we’ll include tips and tricks on what it takes to become a social media influencer. 


As a business owner, it is important to understand the power of social influencer marketing and the ways that it can benefit your business.


In a digitally engrossed and socially connected world individuals are more attuned than ever to trends, styles and each other. The casual and social environment of social media means that consumers are more likely to trust the opinions of fellow peers. There is also this underlying desire to emulate the style or lifestyle of others. So by developing a partnership with a social media influencer you are able to better advertise your products due to the relationship that influencers have with their following.


But not all social media influencers are created equal and some platforms are better suited for sponsorships than others so before you decide to collaborate with an influencer then it’s important to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of the industry.