Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is an area of SEO which varies greatly from company to company.

It’s fair to say there are basic principles followed by most SEO’s with many areas of an SEO campaign but the initial keywords selection is one which always raises questions.

You can probably break down into 3 separate ways of structuring your keywords:

  1. Companies who go large in volume. You may find one quote will give you 100 keywords for the same price as another company offering just 10 keywords. Surely there is a good deal to be had here? Well in fact if you dig a little deeper into the makeup of the 100 keywords you’ll probably find in actual fact only around 10 are worth including anyway and there will be a whole lot of wastage. Keywords which drive no traffic, hence no competition, hence easy to rank you for. This may often be the case for SEO companies offering ranking guarantees as it’s a sure thing they will rank you for these traffic less keywords but your business will be no better off as a result.
  2. Companies who long tail keywords around your location. Again this involves a lot of wastage and pretty much guarantees a ranking without the benefit to the client. Ranking for your key service in your location can seem great – SEO Company Parramatta. But when you take into account your target audience are not searching for this it’s a waste of time and resources. You are better targeting the major city – SEO Company Sydney. Even though this is much more difficult to rank for and there’s no guarantee it will be achieved the results if it were would be business changing which is the whole point of an SEO campaign. Major city or nationally is the way to go.
  3. Companies who provide a concise and efficient keyword structure driven to further your business and bring more targeted traffic and subsequent sales to the website. You may only get 10 keywords for the same price as another offering 100 but ask your SEO for the list of monthly traffic volumes attached to these keywords and compare against the 100. Likeliness is you’ll be targeting a much larger pool of customers with just 10 efficient keywords than 100 wasted ones. You’ll be targeting your key services either nationally or in your key locations and the return on investment once those ranking positions are achieved will be huge.

Needless to say SEO Premier follows number 3 when it comes to keyword selection. We pick the toughest keywords there are out there, making our job 10 times more difficult, but also increasing your online success 10 fold. There is nothing worse than hearing business owners say “I rank #1 for all my keywords but the phone still isn’t ringing”.. The initial keyword selection is so important to determine the potential in the campaign, so long as your company is offering the best keywords for your business and not for their agenda you will be ok.

If you would like a free keyword review of your current SEO campaign please feel free to send your details to with your domain and your keyword selection and a member of our team will get back to you.

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