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If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If I would answer it with all honesty and without minding my overall health, of course, I would say lasagna. I would really die just to get a platter of lasagna per meal and that’s a fact. But, if I were to answer without putting my health at risk (since I have to maintain a balanced diet), I would say sinigang. Because you got the veggies in there, the meat (which I really love too) and the heavenly taste of the soup, urghhhh! I’m starving!

What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
The best piece of advice that I’m still taking seriously right now is the advice that says, “Don’t follow the path that leads you. Make your own path and lead the way”. I got that from one of the best English teachers I’ve ever had back in high school, her name is Ms. Luzviminda Acosta.That advice put the thought in me to never get distracted of what other people around me have already reached and achieved. All I have to do is to focus on my own track and keep going.

If you could have any office pet, what would it be?
A pupppppyyyyyyyyyyy!! This question made me think of the puppy we lost late last year, his name was Hamtaro and he was so cute and fluffy. I miss him so much! (*sobbing*). But now, I’m currently taking “mom duties” seriously to our newest three cute puppies (supposedly, they’re 5 but unfortunately, two of them died which was so hard for me to take).

Which store would you max-out a credit card at if given the chance?
Fully Booked! I really love books though I don’t have that much time to dive into bed and stay there all day venturing into each of the pages. But yeah, I love books and I would love to ransack Fully Booked if I would be given a chance.

What is one thing you want to tick off your bucket list?
If there’s one thing that I want to tick off my bucket list, that would be to travel the world with my parents. I really love my parents and I look up to them so much – they inspire me to do better for the family and to do the best for myself.

What's one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to join the SEO Premier team?
One piece of advice, “Don’t think twice and join the team!”.