Is a blog really what your business needs?

There is no shortage of professionals and business minds alike that will tell you how important it is to have a blog, if you’ve graciously told any of the above-mentioned people your business doesn’t have one, it’s extremely likely you’ve also heard “why not” in total shock. Here’s the thing about blogs, although they can be an effective way to create an active online presence for your business by generating conversation, increasing engagement and website traffic, the truth is it isn’t necessarily the best option for all businesses

A great tool when used appropriately, a blog allows you to give your brand a voice in the market unique to your values and consumers in a less formal manner. What a blog is not however, is the end all be all of a business. A blog is a huge investment and although it may just seem like a few short paragraphs posted frequently enough, there is a lot of research and effort that goes into the specific voice and content of the blog, because of course we’re always trying to produce the most relevant and current information for consumers and search engines alike. In the light of this great debate, we’ve taken the time to highlight some key reasons to invest in a blog or put it on the back burner (for the time being anyways).

Why a blog might not be the best use of your resources…right now.

Your business is one strictly operated offline

If your business consists primarily of offline interactions with consumers and other businesses the answer is an easy one, stay offline. Although it’s important to keep in mind all things are moving in a digital direction today and you will likely have to reassess your communication approaches in the near future, if at the present time your product benefits are more clearly communicated to your target over print or other traditional mediums, don’t start a blog.

When you are the market leader or when you own the market. Period.

If you are the champion of paper towels, your brand is already a household name and chances are consumers aren’t going to require great conversation with your brand as you have already done a great job of solidifying your role in their lives as the standard for a quick clean up.

If your business, clients, and dealings are extremely complicated or confidential

If you are in a field that is highly technical or of confidential nature not only will it be difficult to find someone who is in position to actually write or make comments about your day-to-day activities, it might be even harder to generate interest around your posts making it a total waste of resources. As with everything SEO anything you produce should be of quality content and if it’s not, if you just have a blog for the sake of having one, you’re really missing the whole point.

Here’s the good news, if you find yourself within any of these parameters and are ready to invest in the future, you should definitely have a blog (or hopefully already do).

Your business is looking to increase online traffic

If you just so happen to be in the market for strong traffic to your website, than you should definitely be thinking blog (if you haven’t already). Great content and newsworthy posts will make search engines happy and increase your rankings and organic search results ultimately enabling you to meet conversion goals, whatever they are.

If you have something to ad to the conversation

Although providing tips is a great way to acquire a good base of visitors to your website and blog, having a voice in topical matters or discussions will set you apart as strong player in your market. Consumers will navigate to your website for information or your thoughts to gain a better perspective of the question or topic at hand.

If you’re looking to engage with existing consumers or acquire new consumers

A blog is a very laid back and inviting way to start a conversation with both new and existing consumers or website visitors. A blog allows you to not only connect with your consumer over various topics gaining both insight and behaviour trends among them but also allows consumers the chance to see a more human side of your business. While your blog content should be well monitored and produced, it makes for a less “rehearsed” conversation or supply of information than a static webpage.

The key takeaway from this information should be to really assess your business needs both present and future. If you’ve decided a blog is not a channel you see your business utilizing right now, don’t rule it out completely and gain a firm understanding of what it really means to “blog”. Although you may dismiss it now, the way consumer and social trends are a headed; you may need to rethink that decision in the near future. Don’t blog because every other business is doing it, they may not need it themselves. Evaluate the opportunity and deem it relevant by your own standards. Relevancy, what SEO is all about after all.