The iPhone 7 good, bad and ugly and Bing Ads makeover

IPhone 7, love it or hate it?


As someone who has habitually cracked every single iPhone they’ve ever owned, purchasing the AUD$1,000+ iPhone 7, which is doomed to the same fate, should not be under consideration. But, like every other loyal and dutiful Apple user, it ultimately must be done.


It has become a known practice for Apple to release a new phone approximately every two years and for software updates to occur even more regularly. Each time this occurs, Apple users are quick to criticise, bemoan and ultimately embrace these changes, aware that they simply must learn to adapt, repeating this cycle at regular intervals.


However, could the release of the controversial iPhone 7 fracture that dynamic?


This new model features several changes that have got the Apple community and the SEO Premier office buzzing with discussion.


So, from our heated internal debate, what is the SEO Premier’s take on the good, the bad and the ugly?


The good

  • Longest battery life of all the iPhones – portable chargers can be left at home most days now
  • Splash and water resistance
  • 12mp camera and optical image stabilisation – better Facebook display pictures for everyone!


The bad

  • Home button no longer being a button – there’s nothing to click anymore, it’s impossible to resist a good button


The ugly

  • The AirPods – these have already gone missing


And so a fresh cycle begins, criticise, bemoan and grudgingly embrace.




Bing ads get a makeover


The importance of search engine advertisement and organic search results have steadily grown in importance over the years, and there are no signs of slowing down. Search engines are continually looking for ways to develop search results and formatting, Google having recently changed their AdWords layout.


Next in line for an update is search engine Bing Ads, who are now introducing structured snippet extensions. This development is currently rolling out in the U.S. and will be available internationally over the following weeks.


The snippets act as an extra description for PPC advertising. Categories such as type and brands are displayed between the links, allowing consumers a better understanding of what the business has to offer.



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