Internship Blog #9

Since my last internship blog, I’ve started back at uni for my last semester ever. This means I’ve had to cut my internship back to 2-3 days a week but do my best to contribute just as much as I had when I was in almost every day. Now more than ever, I’ve had my hands full meeting with clients, doing the monthly reports, managing the social media pages and even filming part 2 of the SEO Premier Office Fitout.

With all the work that needs to be done, it’s lucky we have a productive workspace to do it in. The office has a great feel to it and with Joe, Chau, Sophie, myself and as of last week our Junior Web Developer Alex, it is a positive atmosphere where we can share ideas and think of new and creative ways to further the company and help our clients.  I’ve spoken to several friends at uni about their internships and to be honest I feel I’ve gained the most experience and industry knowledge. In the short time since I started, it’s already been fun, rewarding and most importantly challenging. It really is a good feeling when you enjoy working.

As I mentioned earlier, we filmed part 2 of the office fitout at the end of last week. With everyone in the office and clients coming in to discuss SEO strategies for their business, it was a great time to film a follow up video to show how far we’ve come since the empty office I set up my camera in just a couple of months ago. The video is now complete and you can view it here.

Earlier in the week we met with the client I wrote about in Internship Blog #6 that we were building a new website for.  They were able to test out the new website by navigating through it and we could demonstrate its’ improved functionality and design. They couldn’t have been happier with how it looked and couldn’t wait to make it live, and we are all confident that it will be a great investment and will bring in new business for them. The website is modern, sleek and a great upgrade from their previous site.

We are also designing a website for a potential client I sourced myself. It’s been great seeing each stage of the process from our initial meeting up until now, and I hope that we can have the two companies can have a long and successful relationship. For now though, we are just taking things one step at a time, and as long as it’s in the right direction I’m happy to be patient.

I hope that as I endeavour to contribute more and more each week my presence is still being felt. More importantly though, since I’m only in the office a few days a week now, I hope my absence is being felt even stronger.

 -Richie Tomlinson