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In any career in the communications industry, it is essential to do just that: communicate. One of the best ways to meet new people and expand your contact base is to visit expos and network with others in the industry.

This week, Joe and I visited the Online Retailer Expo at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park. Businesses set up stalls to showcase their products and services, and there were several presentations throughout the day from leaders of the industry, from CEO’s to the Constable of Fraud and Cyber Crime. As well as meeting with a potential client, we walked around and exchanged business cards with a number of people, whether they were running stalls or simply there to browse around.

I’ve also discovered that expos and networking events go hand in hand with building an online following. I tweeted about the expo and followed a lot of the companies that were exhibiting there, and the exposure from that got our Twitter page almost 100 additional followers in 24 hours! I’ve since been keeping up with re-following, commenting on relevant posts and re-tweeting posts about the event.

At the beginning of the week I also made SEO Premier an Instagram page (which you should follow by clicking here). This way we can post photos of interesting things in and out of the office and continue to build an online presence. The new Instagram page ties in nicely with the theme of the latest company blog article I wrote explaining what social media can do for businesses, and how being on multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) can help strengthen a company’s reputation and integrity. You can read the blog here.

I’ve also been kept busy doing monthly reports and client proposals, as well as writing up a contract agreement for a new client. But none of my previous training or years at uni could have prepared me for what has undoubtedly been the most stressful and nerve-wracking challenge I have faced since starting the internship…putting the company logo decal on the office doors. This is something few interns will have to come up against. You only get one shot at it, and if you make a mistake it will haunt you every time you enter the office.

For someone with OCD like myself, the logo needed to be perfectly centered and have no rough edges. Fortunately, Joe also felt strongly about this so we could spend several hours getting it right (this timeframe is ideal, but if you only have one or two hours you may still be able to get away with it). Once the sticker was stuck on in correct alignment, all we had to do was separate the sticker itself from the transfer paper on top- easy right? Wrong. If there’s anything I’ve taken away from this strenuous ordeal, it’s that preparation is key.

Tip of the Day: Make sure that the surface the sticker is being applied to has been adequately cleaned.

This is advice we heeded when applying the sticker on the front door (our first attempt was on the back door, and while we met several challenges including a garden related incident, it looks great now). As you can see from the middle image at the top of the article, the plaque on the front door is sharp and professional and doesn’t haunt me every morning when I get to work. Good news for someone who hopes to enter this office for years to come.

Next week I’m back at uni to complete my last semester before graduating, but this will only be one day a week so I will still be in the office two or three days a week to write my weekly blogs and make SEO Premier’s social media pages fun and engaging. As I sign off on my eighth internship blog, a word of advice: always remember to measure twice, cut once. Or in this case, prepare surface twice, apply sticker once.

Wise words.

 Richie Tomlinson


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