Internship Blog #7

As each week passes, I gain a better understanding of what each section of SEO Premier does to contribute to the whole. This in turn helps me to fulfil my role better, as I know exactly what I need to do to give the company the best chance of success.

For the first few weeks my roles have varied and this has given me different subjects to write about in my internship blogs. Now, the different tasks are beginning to organise themselves into a sequence of events done one after the other to achieve a particular goal. My initial responsibility was to write weekly blogs both for my internship and general SEO, and gradually over the weeks my skillset has expanded.

My days are now broken up by:

  • Researching industries and looking for companies that might need SEO to improve their business
  • Going to meetings to showcase what SEO Premier has achieved and how we can help them
  • Writing proposals to send to clients after the initial meeting
  • Writing monthly reports for current clients and giving an update on how their SEO campaign is going
  • Managing SEO Premier’s social media pages and monitoring activity, joining conversations, posting content, sharing, etc.
  • Being the office IT guy by trying to fix the printer and implementing strategies to overcome ink management issues

Evidently, there are a lot of things to keep me busy and a number of ways I can make a contribution to the company, even as an intern.

Lately, I have been chancing my hand at the sales aspect of SEO, by getting in contact with companies and organising meetings to discuss what we can do for them. It’s a pretty low conversion rate in terms of sending out emails versus getting replies, but being able to organise a meeting with a company that’s interested is a huge success.

I emailed a company I had recently dealt with on a personal level enquiring about whether they would be interested in using SEO to drive traffic to their website. I received a reply from customer service the next day saying that they had referred the email to management, and soon after I received an email from the owner requesting a meeting to discuss it further.

Joe and I prepared a short report which listed a number of keywords and where they currently ranked, as well as an explanation of where we could improve their website for our SEO work to have the best effect. We discussed this with the client and they were keen to find out more and see a larger list of keywords (which is a positive sign).

Once I ‘ve finished writing this blog, Joe and I will write up a proposal based on their industry and take into account the ideas and thoughts they expressed in the meeting. After that we’ll send it off and hope the client is still happy to move forward and we can get started on the SEO campaign.

With that said, I better get onto it… there’s lots to be done!

 -Richie Tomlinson


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