Internship Blog #6

Now that I’ve made myself at home in the SEO Premier office, with a desk and a place for my business cards, it’s time to earn my keep and make my presence felt. Whether this means fulfilling my role as Digital Account Executive and trying to exceed it, or restocking the fridge and attempting to make tea and coffee, there is no job to big or too small for an intern.

This week, I’ve been involved in a number of projects, including the website rebuild that I wrote about in my third and fourth internship blogs. We met with the client a second time after Chau, SEO Premier’s in-house Web Designer who also runs his own company Pixel Hero, gave the website a fresh new feel that was sure to keep visitors engaged with the site and more importantly contact the client to ask for their services. Joe and I showed the client screenshots of what the new site would look like and how it would navigate, as well as explained how it would translate to mobile and tablet devices. While there were a couple of minor changes the client wanted to make, overall they were happy with the work Chau had done and were excited to see the website in the development stage.

During the week Joe and I have also put together a couple of proposals in the hope of winning new clients. This is similar to writing the monthly reports, but instead of showing what we have done, we need to highlight what we can do for their company. Hopefully I’ll be writing the month one reports for these clients in the near future.

Another thing we’ve looked at in the past week is managing the social media accounts and giving SEO Premier a stronger online presence. As this is part of my role as Digital Account Executive, it’s something that I will need to keep on top of to ensure that the company stays relevant and becomes an authority figure in the online world of SEO. I have started this already by publishing my internship and general blogs on the website and posting them onto each of the social media outlets, as well as monitoring the ad campaign we ran on the SEO Premier Office Fitout video. The short campaign was a success, receiving likes, comments and shares on the Facebook and LinkedIn posts and over 100 views on the YouTube video.

The next step in managing the social media pages is to become active in conversations across all platforms. This includes retweeting relevant posts on Twitter, discussing SEO topics on LinkedIn with other SEO professionals and being constantly active on Facebook. The aim of this is to get SEO Premier a strong online following and build on the fact that we are a reputable company with expert knowledge on any related to Search Engine Optimisation.

I feel I’ve been able to contribute to the company in the short time I have been here, and that’s a good feeling for someone not out of uni yet who was not long ago wondering how he would survive in the industry. Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to land myself in a challenging but exciting role for a friendly and professional company on the rise. I’m sure there will be many obstacles to overcome in the future, but this is only the beginning of what I hope to be a fun and rewarding journey.

-Richie Tomlinson


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